Student Initiative Fund

The rundown

The Student Initiative Fund (SIF) is in place to award students bursaries for attending conferences, participating in extra-curricular activities within the community, and many other events that are usually aimed at self-improvement. Students can apply for SIF funding at several points throughout the year to receive funding for their initiative. SIF is decided by a committee, elected by council, which runs transparently and applicants are asked to submit detailed budgets and must hand their receipts from their conference/competition to receive their cheques.


SIF receives hundreds of applications per year and students are able to receive up to $500 in funding. However, many students are not able to receive this full funding given the limited resources of SIF. With more funding, SIF will be able to give more students more funding than in previous years.


SIF is looking to raise $20,000 to greater serve the Carleton students. If this goal is reached then 400 more students would be able to receive the maximum amount of funding possible to them.


The increased funding will be able to benefit Carleton students in all programs. There are a number of students that are eligible to go to extra curricular events and conferences that would benefit them and in turn the Carleton community but cannot attend given their financial status. With increased funding, more students will be able to attend these events and give back to Carleton University and the Ottawa community.


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