Sprott Competes 2016

Sprott Competes 2016

The Rundown

Sprott students are making a name for themselves in the business community across Canada and around the world due to their successes at some of the most prestigious business case competitions. Thanks to the training and support offered by the Sprott Competes program, of the 10 competitions our students participated in last year they had 7 podium finishes– AMAZING! Unfortunately, funding for this program is limited which restricts the number of competitions we can attend. We need YOUR help to offer more students this amazing learning and growth opportunity.

The Background

Case competitions allow students to bring their classroom learning to life. They are faced with real business problems from real companies, and are required to analyze the issues and present their findings and resolutions to a panel of business professionals.

The students train for months with coaches from faculty and industry to compete at a week-long event against the top business schools worldwide. Along the way, they learn to integrate the teachings from various courses together, develop critical thinking skills, hone their teamwork abilities, and gain confidence in their position as business leaders.

Last year, our futurefunder campaign raised funds to support a team entering a new competition: the Belgrade Business International Case Competition (BBICC) in Serbia. Examples of other competitions attended in the past include: the Network of International Business Schools case competition (NIBS – various locations worldwide), the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC – in Montreal), the Alberta Not-for-Profit Association case competition (ANPA – in Edmonton), and the University of Navarra International Case Competition (UNICC – in Pamplona).

The Rollout

Case competitions cost between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on location. Our goal is to raise $7500 to enter additional students in a case competition. All funds raised will go 100% towards the cost of a competition.

The Benefits

Competing students gain access to a private coach for months of training sessions leading up to the competition. During the competition they gain the experience of receivingfeedback from the judging panel of professionals. The competition forces them to draw on all their knowledge, creativity, flexibility and judgement. Through the process of training and competing students are changed from business students to business leaders. Competitions also provide access to recruiters and the opportunity to build a network of business peers on which to draw in their careers.

In addition, future Sprott students will benefit, since Sprott Competes alumni often return to give back to the student community in the form of mentorship, coaching, etc.

And finally, the business community at large will benefit from the increased quality and maturity of the students entering the workforce.

The Team

Team Member Image

Emily Gray

Director - Sprott Competes

Accounting prof and believer in case competitions! I am thrilled to champion this cause for our Sprott Students. I also love fitness, golf and (the effects of) gardening.

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Alice Seah

Sprott Competes Alumna

Recent Sprott graduate and a past competitor of the Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC) 2016. Being a part of Sprott Competes has strengthened my transferable skills (e.g. public speaking, presentation, problem-solving) beyond expectations. Definitely one of my favourite highlights of my university journey!

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Alanna Allen

External Liaison

My passion is working with students to help them discover their career pathways. There has been an increasing emphasis on both domestic and international case competitions within Sprott. The outcomes – critical problem solving, analytical thinking and presentation skills – are all highly valued by employers. I’m pleased to be able to help showcase our Sprott talent to industry professionals.

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Rob Riordan

Sprott Competes Creator and Coach

The visionary who started Sprott Competes in the first place.

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Elizabeth Lariviere

Web Communications Coordinator

I'm the Web Communications Coordinator at the Sprott School of Business and take care of all things web and social media. We’re super proud of our Sprott Competes teams and love to cheer them on at each competition.

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Jennifer Gray

Alumni Relations

Staff at Sprott and your go-to person for all things related to Alumni Relations. I am passionate about the Sprott Competes program because case competitions allow students the kind of transformative experience that results in a more engaged community of advocates, mentors and alumni


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