Sprott 2017 MBA Games

Sprott 2017 MBA Games

The Rundown

The MBA class from the Sprott School of Business is sending 16 students (plus 2 captains) to the 2017 MBA Games at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC! These games are an MBA case competition between 25+ Canadian universities. The games will be taking place January 2nd to 4th in 2017. We have competed in the last 4 games, and are extremely excited to be heading back this season. The last 4 games were in Ontario, and therefore sponsorship and funding was rarely an issue. We have some key sponsors, but with the games being across the country this year, we are in need of some funding to be able to send our competitors to the games.

The Background

The MBA games are an excellent way for our students in our MBA program to gain experience solving and presenting various business cases, while also networking with other Canadian MBA students and businesspeople. The Sprott School of Business n combination with our key sponsors (RBC and Rockwell Collins) has successfully been able to send 16 MBA students to the games for the last 4 years; this year, the School has contributed enough funding to cover academic registration fees, as well as accommodation and the costs associated with practices and coaches..

The Rollout

Although the majority of the students personally contribute to the costs, there are some key competitors who simply cannot afford to pay to compete. With the costly price of flights to the west coast, many students are finding it too expensive to travel. We are therefore trying to raise the cost of transportation for the academic team. Return flights from Vancouver, in combination with a bus to Nanaimo for the team, will cost approximately $800 per student. That’s approximately $14,000 to cover the costs for everyone.

The Benefits

Any little bit helps! Simply put, without it, Sprott will not be able to compete at the MBA Games this upcoming year. This will mean a missed opportunity for  a lot of MBA students, who have been preparing for these academic games for the last year of their degree. Help us make the most of these fantastic learning and networking opportunities that the games provide for them. With your help, Sprott will successfully be able to send their 16 academic competitors to the games, and it will build an even more positive reputation for the MBA program at the Sprott School of Business, and for Carleton University.

Other Comments

Thank you for all your help and support! It is greatly appreciated.