The rundown

SEED (verb): The beginning of something, which continues to develop or grow.

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Student Experience in Engineering and Design (SEED) Fund, which helps students work on special projects and initiatives. Thanks to alumni and friends like you, students bridge the gap between conception and design, while gaining valuable skills in teamwork and project management. The SEED Fund has helped Carleton students build advanced racecars and drones, develop medical apps for everyday use in hospitals and design more energy efficient homes.

Please join us and help seed innovation. Our goal is to raise $5,000 in 2017. The SEED Fund is a powerful way for alumni to come together and support their alma mater.


Engineering and design is about seeing opportunity in every challenge and creating technologies and practices that contribute to the public good. Carleton University shares these Here For Good principles, understanding that through higher education the university contributes to the greater good of society and must remain a committed community partner.

Last year, the SEED Fund received more than 20 submissions and the amount of applications to the fund grows steadily every year. The fund provides students with financial support for projects that:

  • have a strong component of engineering work and the potential for developing interpersonal skills, thus contributing to the quality of the Carleton engineering program and its graduates;
  • bridge the gap between analysis and design by providing students with real-world situations, especially during the construction of prototypes;
  • bring exciting new challenges to engineering students or take an innovative approach to enrich the quality of pre-existing projects; and
  • promote engineering externally.


Each year, student groups apply to the SEED Fund by submitting a detailed proposal and budget. The proposal must include information on how the project benefits individual participants, the Faculty and the public good. This ensures students understand the link between their concept through to design and the societal impact created along the way.


Your gift will directly affect the educational experience of students and the reputation of our university.

Examples of what the fund supports include materials for construction of prototypes, manufacturing services, and competition entry fees and travel costs.