Satellite Design Project: DAnTE

Satellite Design Project: DAnTE

The Rundown

The Carleton University students involved in the Satellite Design Project are on a mission. Through DAnTE, we hope to contribute to the Detection of Anomalistic Thermal Events in a meaningful way.

Who are we?
We’re Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students currently working on our 4th year Capstone Projects.

What are we doing?
The Satellite Design Project is a completely student-run endeavor with the goal of designing, building, testing, and eventually launching a 3-Unit CubeSat (a miniaturized satellite for space research) as part of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.

The Background

Why DAnTE?
As students, this project will give us industry-level experience applying the knowledge and skills we have acquired since our 1st year in Engineering. Through this project, we hope to discover anomalous hot spots with the goal of determining the location of forest fires and contributing to the development of preventative measures to adequately address this phenomenon.

The costs associated with building technologies in the space industry has traditionally put a prohibitive price tag on student innovation. Through our FutureFunder project, we’re aiming to raise funds in order to create fresh, new prototypes for testing. Donations will also go towards the purchase and acquisition of valuable materials for the satellite structure, internal working components, transmitter and receiver, and satellite ground station.

The Rollout

Engineering is based on knowing your specialty, and knowing it well. By supporting this collaborative engineering opportunity, you are giving Carleton students the opportunity to build mechanical and aerospace expertise in a real-world context.

The funds we raise will have an immediate impact on our current cohort of Mechanical and Aerospace students, but will also contribute to a growing inventory of equipment and resources that will be used by Carleton engineering students in future years.

The Benefits

This project not only benefits the students apart of the design process, but Canadians and other countries susceptible to forest fires around the world.

As a Carleton student, this invaluable experience puts our academic skills to the test through a unique, industry-level capstone project.

As a Canadian, forest fires affect our lives greatly. Early detection of these fires will allow faster response times for fire fighters, less forest destroyed, and more homes and lives saved.


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