The rundown

Ravens Figure Skating is hoping to raise money to assist in lowering the overall season participant fee of our competitive athletes. With a successful OUA Championship outing last season, we want to continue to promote safe travel for athletes of Ravens Figure Skating to and from competitions. The majority of of our competitions are in the winter time at schools in the GTA. The goal of this year’s Future Funder Campaign is once again to ensure our athletes arrive safely at the competition with out having the added pressure of driving their teammates to and from. Our athletes train four times per week at the Ice House, with some practices starting as early as 6:30am. All athletes are required to be full time students and have made the commitment both financially and time wise to stay involved in the sport of figure skating through the Ravens Figure Skating Team. With all that they invest the team, we want to ensure it is financially feasible for the athletes to arrive at competitions safely, rested and ready to compete representing Carleton University.


Each season Ravens Figure Skating receives generous grants from the Department of Athletics and CUSA. While we are forever thankful for these contributions to the team, the cost of attending university figure skating events far exceeds these amounts. While the individual athletes already invest a large amount of their own money into season fees, we want to assist them in lowering the overall fee of participating in competitions – specifically the fee required for team buses. Being the University team the furthest east in Ontario, we often times find ourselves driving on average 4-8 hours to schools in the GTA and beyond. This season, the final event – the OUA Championships – is in Aylmer, Ontario. A team bus is important to us in attending this event safely, eliminating the added pressure on athletes and coaches alike to drive either personal or rented vehicles transporting their teammates. With the success of the Future Funder Campaign last season, we were able to fund a team bus to take us to the Championships in Niagara Falls. All athletes arrived rested, relaxed and having been able to bond as a team during the seven hour drive. With one coach attending, it also provided a piece of mind having the whole team on one bus rather than worrying about separate vehicles and their whereabouts.


Ravens Figure Skating is looking to raise $3000 which will be used for transportation funds to and from competitions. A team bus, while a large investment, is essential for the safety of our athletes and coaches. At competitions the whole team is typically at the rink from 6:30am-6pm and the last thing we want to do is drive for 4 plus hours following a two day event. Both athletes and coaches are physically and mentally drained after these competitions which could compromise their ability to drive alertly. Having met many snow storms on our drives home in previous seasons, a bus that has all team members on board being operated by a professional driver is an ideal method to eliminate this safety risk.


All competitive athletes and the coaches of Ravens Figure Skating will benefit from this Future Funder Campaign. It will reduce financial stress on the individual athletes and the relieve pressure on the coaches/athletes 21+ with a G class drivers license from being responsible for driving fellow athletes. Skaters will be able to arrive to the competitions rested, relaxed and ready to compete representing Carleton University to their best potential!

The Team

Sofija Mrdja

Carleton Ravens Skating Staff

Sofija is a member of the Carleton Ravens Skating Staff. She is a recent graduate of Carleton's Psychology program. During her time at Carleton, she skated all throughout her undergrad and was named captain in her junior and senior year. She competed at four OUA championships in the gold freeskate, senior similar pairs, pairs four and synchro categories. She is extremely excited to be back and helping other student athletes achieve their goals. As a Carleton alumni, she understands the importance of sport and university life and looks forward to a successful season with the team in a new role.

Julia St-Amant


This is Julia’s third year on the Carleton Ravens Figure Skating Team and this is her first year as captain. She is currently in her third year at Carleton majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a double minor in French and History. She competed in Dance 4s, Senior Silver Similar Dance and Synchro categories. Figure skating has always been a big part of her life, and she is grateful for the opportunity to continue her passion as a student-athlete at Carleton. Julia is looking forward to a very successful season and is very thrilled to be back as a part of the team with a leadership role.

Laura Kilpatrick

Head Coach

Laura (centre) is in her sixth season with the Carleton Ravens Figure Skating Team and fourth as Head Coach. Having skated on the Western Mustangs Varsity team during her undergraduate degree, Laura knows what being part of a school team can add to one’s university experience. The motive for her involvement with the Carleton Ravens Figure Skating Team is to provide student-athletes the opportunity to continue competing in a sport they love while simultaneously completing their university studies. Thank you for contributing to our season!


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