Ravens Dance Pak Showcase

Ravens Dance Pak Showcase

The Rundown

Ravens Dance Pak is looking to raise funds to support our annual year-end showcase which will take place on March 31, 2017 at Carleton’s Kailash Mital Theatre. Support for this campaign will support the success of one of our favourite events of the year.

The showcase is a performance of our team’s competitive and non-competitive dance routines where we leave it all on the stage sharing our passion for dance with family, friends, and the Ottawa community. Our team works hard all year preparing for two regional competitions, a charity performance, and our year-end showcase. The showcase is an opportunity to celebrate a year’s worth of hard work with our community, and to share our love for the art of dance.

The Background

Since 2011, Ravens Dance Pak has been providing its members with an artistic outlet where they are encouraged to share their talent, creativity and passion in a safe and positive environment. Amongst the stress of university, our members can find a sense of familiarity and community in doing something they enjoy with others who share the same passion.

This year our team was thrilled to see the hard work of the executives and past members pay off, as we were welcomed by Carleton’s athletics department as an official competitive club. We are very proud to now call ourselves Ravens, and are extremely thankful for the support of Carleton Athletics team.
Following our auditions in September, the team practices 3 days a week to create and perfect various routines in the styles of contemporary, lyrical, jazz, open, and tap. This year’s team is composed of 17 committed and talented individuals, who have been working tirelessly to ensure out teams success.
This competition season we will be attending two competitions in the GTA where we will compete against other Canadian university teams. The outstanding talent at these events drives us to work harder every year. This year we are competing with 15 dances including 5 solos, 2 duet/trios, and 8 groups.

This past January we were proud to participate for the third time at a charity event in Ottawa called Dancer’s Give Back. Every year we are amazed by the talent, passion and comradery demonstrated by Ottawa’s dance community as they help raise money for a worthy cause. This year’s event raised money for the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa.

Our final performance of the year is our showcase where we perform our competitive dances and some non-competitive dances for our family, friends, and the Ottawa community. Showcase is a time for us to celebrate the hard work and success of our season, say goodbye to gradating members, and welcome the new exec team.

The Rollout

This year we will be holding our showcase at Carleton’s Kailash Mital Theatre on March 31, 2017. Our goal is to raise $800 to cover the costs of running this event which include the venue, staff, and marketing materials.

Our team’s expenses primarily include studio space, costumes, competition entry fees, transportation and accommodation for competition, and showcase operating costs. In addition to membership fees, we conduct various fundraisers throughout the year such as bottle drives and bake sales to help cover the cost of these expenses. Through this campaign we are hoping to comfortably support the cost of running our showcase.

The Benefits

The success of this campaign will allow us to hold one of our favourite events of the year. Carleton’s Kailash Mital Theatre is perfect for our event. We love being able to perform our dances for our family and friends right on campus, and we appreciate being able to provide the team and audience with a comfortable, familiar and safe venue. Your support will help us end our year on a great note.

We sincerely appreciate your support !

The Team

Leah Piehler

Co-Captain / Choreographer

Madi Dedora

Co-Captain / Choreographer

Hayley Wright

Fundraising and Promotions Manager

Brooke Luscombe

Treasurer / Choreographer

Maddie Bagshaw


Meghan Byars


Chloe Cooke


Taylor Duncan


Taylor Guzzo


Shealyn Kenny


Jade Lim Tung


Jasmine Lim Tung

Choreographer / Rookie

Vincent Romeo


Courtney Russell


Adele Shaw


Victoria Theriault


Elissa Langill




Antoinette Luscombe

Trevor Symboluk

Christine McLeod

Bonnie D'Angelo

Breanna Miller

Susan Lacroix

In tribute to Taylor Guzzo

Laurie Wright

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