Ravens Alpine Skiing

Ravens Alpine Skiing

The Rundown

The Ravens Alpine Ski Club’s mission is to promote academic success by encouraging the development of exemplary student athletes who excel on and off the snow.

Until recently, there were few options for university students in the Ottawa-Gatineau region who aspired to participate in alpine skiing at the competitive level. The Ravens Alpine Ski Club was launched two years ago, in response to growing interest and popularity of the sport. Since then, the club has allowed Carleton students with a passion for alpine skiing to pursue elite competitions while maintaining a sharp focus on their academic careers.

This year, we are raising funds to provide direct financial assistance to Carleton skiers competing at the national and competitive level.

The Background

Alpine skiing is a challenging sport that allows students to experience the rush of energy that comes with spending time in the great outdoors. For many elite skiers, however, the cost of participating in competitions at the university level is often prohibitive.

Last year, donors helped us in supporting our team. The generosity of our supporters helped us to fund our athletes’ race expenses, purchase equipment and offer training camps so our team was in prime condition before the start of the season.

We are currently seeking additional funds to encourage our student athletes to attain and exceed their goals on and off the snow and provide the competitive experience our Ravens deserve.

The Rollout

We have launched this FutureFunder campaign so every fan has an opportunity to contribute and cheer us on. Donations at any level give our student athletes the motivation to excel academically and athletically.

The Benefits

In two short years, here’s what we have accomplished:

  • Last season, one of our very own, Hannah Schmidt, B.A. Criminology, won the Athlete of the Year Award.
  • In the same year, our coach Gabriel Bouffard also received the Coach of the Year Award.

This year, we are hoping to build upon this momentum and encourage ambitious athletes who continue strive for greatness.

Funds raised will go towards lodging, travel, training and race costs related to RESQ (Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec), the most competitive university ski circuit in Canada.

Last year, donor support allowed us to offer Carleton skiers a 30% reduction in costs related to travel, equipment, and race fees. Every contribution made today encourages our team to out-perform the competition, eases our student athletes’ financial strain and allows them more freedom to focus on their studies.

The Team

Hannah Schmidt


Hannah started skiing at Mont-Tremblant in Quebec when she was just two years old. She competed in her first race at the age of 14 years at the Club de Ski Mont Tremblant and later joined the NCO Ski Team. This season she’s back to the books and skiing strong for the Ravens Ski Team. Hannah is currently a Criminology student at Carleton and aspires to be a police officer after completing her degree.

Nick Paynter


Nick started skiing at the age of 3 and quickly started racing at Camp Fortune Ski Club. He spent three years at the National Ski Academy in Collingwood before returning home to race at Carleton. Nick hopes to pursue a Masters degree in Sports Management after completing his undergraduate degree and hopes to eventually work with a professional sports organization. He is also a proud member of the Ravens Lacrosse team.

Team Member Image

Bay Ross


Team Member Image

Lindsay Marler


Troy Mott

Club President

Troy’s long and storied ski racing career began at the iconic Vorlage Race Club and continued onto the NCO and SNC ski teams. Troy is now in the second year of his Masters in Human Computer Interaction. Troy is also the acting president of the CU Ravens Alpine Ski Team and is one of the team’s two “slalom specialists”. At training you’ll see him ski, set courses, coach and mentor younger skiers.

Gabriel Bouffard

Head Coach

Combining school and skiing, Gabriel was a student and coach at the 'de l’Ile Sport-School' in the Gatineau region before moving on to other coaching positions. He has participated in the NCO ski team as an athlete and, later on, as a FIS coach. He graduated at uOttawa in 2013 and is now finishing up his Masters’ degree in business strategy at HEC Montreal. He highly believes in the importance of developing skiers that are able to adapt to every situations or conditions without giving up. He sees skiing as a great opportunity to encourage outstanding and ambitious individuals who will succeed in every project they undertake.

Patrick Biggs

Supporter & Olympian

In May 2004, Patrick was named to represent Canada as a member of the Canadian Ski Team. He has also competed in two Olympic Games, placed in the Top 10 at two World Championships, scored Top 30 results on the World Cup for 7 years, stood on top of the podium 4 times at the Europa Cup and 4 times at the North American Cup. Patrick skied for Dartmouth University in New Hampshire while completing his studies in engineering. Now acting as the Program Director for the Camp Fortune Ski Club, Patrick will be joins the Ravens Alpine Ski Club as a consultant for the team’s technical training on snow. We will make the most of the time we have with him by letting athletes converse with him on and of the snow. We are looking forward to collaborating with him and CFSC.


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