Prosthetic Arm

The rundown

We are planning to build a prosthetic arm to further enhance the educational experience by applying fundamental topics covered in class to real-world issues and design problems. This assistive device would be capable of sensing bio-signals that would help the user to activate the arm and regain the functionality of the missing limb via the technology.


This assistive device would address the issue of amputees and providing the function of limbs that the parties in question may no longer have, or would have been born without.


We are looking to raise 2500 dollars to subsidize the cost of custom parts. Being a highly specialized project, the need for custom parts is higher than it would normally be. Because the arm’s longevity and functionality would depend on the build quality we seek to design the final build with high-quality custom parts that would ensure the device could withstand higher structural stresses and provide increased reliability. This amount of money would allow us to fund a few prototypes/builds of the arm to allow for testing and analysis for improvement of the final device.


By designing this device, we look to show what is possible when passionate individuals in the engineering and medicine fields apply themselves to solve an issue relating to human health and physical assistive technologies. We hope to create a device that would be able to in the future assist an individual who has lost an upper limb or was born without one.


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