Merkley-Haight Student Bursary – Help Students Overcome Adversity

Merkley-Haight Student Bursary – Help Students Overcome Adversity

The Rundown

The Merkley-Haight Student Bursary fund will help support a young person, recovering from addiction, bridge to university through the Enriched Support Program/Aboriginal Enriched Support Program (ESP/AESP).

This award was established in 2015 by Harvest House, a residential treatment facility for men with drug and alcohol addictions, in honour and appreciation of Paul Merkley and Gerry Haight for their long-term service to Harvest House Ministries.

This past fall, 5 young men from Harvest House had to turn down offers of admission to the ESP due to lack of funding. Help us to make sure this doesn’t have to happen again.


The Background

Over the years, Harvest House has sent a number of young men to Carleton’s ESP and AESP — access programs at Carleton that help students to build a basis for admission to a degree while studying in a supported learning community.

In the ESP/AESP, we have seen a lot of success stories as people enter our programs intent on building a new future. Over the years, Harvest House has referred young men who have worked hard to graduate and open up new possibilities for their lives. Some of those young men have gone on to win academic awards and even earn graduate degrees. Read the story of one of these students, Daniel Crépault, here:

The Rollout

Here’s where we need your help. We hope to be able to meet our fundraising goal by December 2016.

This is so important to us. The opportunities that a degree can offer can offer so much hope. Let’s help support these young people in their quest to build a positive future.

All donations help. Please consider donating today!