Landon Pearson Resource Centre: Shaking the Movers

Landon Pearson Resource Centre: Shaking the Movers

The Rundown

The Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights is a premier children’s rights centre in Canada.  It was created with a powerful vision — the belief that every child in Canada must grow up aware of their rights and responsibilities in an empowering, respectful and receptive society.

Established at Carleton University, the Centre leads initiatives, research, advocacy and specialized projects dedicated to the advancement and betterment of the lives of children. The Centre acts as a gateway for action on children’s rights for people who share a common passion for children’s rights in academia, advocacy, government, policy and front line programming.

The Centre’s staff including faculty members from various departments on campus provide mentorship to children’s rights and childhood studies students, both locally and internationally. They are offered access to a unique resource library that includes documents related to the history of children’s rights in Canada as well as resources related to a vast array of contemporary issues in Canada and globally.  In addition, Landon Pearson generously offers her time and expertise to Carleton students interested in investigating such children’s rights issues as Indigenous children’s rights, child labour, early and forced child marriage, environment and health, exploitation, mental health, war-affected children, and children’s rights and education. With her 50+ years experience as one of Canada’s foremost child advocates, along with a substantial children’s rights resource library and rich network of children’s rights colleagues from across the country, the Landon Pearson Centre offers students an invaluable opportunity to explore this rich area of research.

The Background

Shaking the Movers is a unique youth-led, youth-driven initiative developed by the Landon Pearson Centre.  It is built around the same cornerstone features – youth participation and engagement – that drive all of the work of the Centre.  Shaking the Movers takes place annually in 4 regional locations in Canada by offering groups of children and youth aged 11-18 an opportunity to collaboratively explore the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) from their own experience and  their own perspectives.  The young people ‘have the floor’ to express themselves about children’s rights issues and concerns in ways that are child-friendly and meaningful.  The  Shaking the Movers workshops  over the past 10 years have resulted in moving and compelling insights from young people that have changed the landscape of children’s rights work in Canada.  It is not surprising that finding ways to address issues in children’s lives becomes much clearer when we stop to listen and truly hear what young people have to say

The Landon Pearson Centre makes a commitment to participants at the Shaking the Movers workshops.  They promise to bring the young participants’comments and recommendations to the attention of the ‘movers’ in government, civil society, legal, policy and programming sectors who can affect the implementation of children’s rights in Canada. Over the past decade, thanks to adults listening and acting on the insights from young people at the Shaking the Movers workshops, discussions in adult society on mental health, climate change,, youth justice, sexual exploitation, and identity and belonging has been enriched and affected.   But there is still more work to be done.

The Benefits

Sponsoring a Shaking the Movers workshop with your donation means that you believe that education is important; that education includes the right of young people to voice their concerns and to be taken seriously.  Supporting the Landon Pearson Centre with your donation means that you want to create a better world for children and youth.   Your support today will make a difference for children in youth in this country from coast to coast to coast.

Not only will your donation impact children and youth across the country who get involved in Shaking the Movers, it will have a local impact as well.  By supporting the Landon Pearson Centre your donation will enable the Centre to continue to offer students at Carleton high quality educational opportunities with individual access to Canada’s “children’s Senator” and resource materials that are found no where else in the world.  Your donation will assist the Landon Pearson Centre in continuing to expand their work on Shaking the Movers and other initiatives to include more opportunities for young people in promoting awareness and understanding of the importance of the rights and responsibilities of children and youth in Canada, and in helping to mobilize positive change for our shared future.