John Osborne FASS Student Travel Bursary

John Osborne FASS Student Travel Bursary

The Rundown

In the summer of 2015, Dr. John Osborne stepped down as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) after having served two terms.  The character of FASS as we know it today is due in large part to John’s leadership and vision. One of the crucial ways John helped shape FASS was with his unwavering support and encouragement of student travel. To honour John’s work as Dean, FASS has launched the John Osborne FASS Student Travel Bursary. The funds raised for this bursary will offer direct assistance for students to participate in Carleton–related travel.

The Background

During his time as Dean, John supported the establishment of a variety of credit courses taught in diverse regions outside of the borders of the Carleton campus. For example, a summer course in Québec City helps students view Canada through a new lens. A course in Burkina Faso allows students to experience a thriving African film scene. In Italy, students are able to experience the same medieval art and architecture that John himself studied as a university student, and which ultimately helped him discover his lifelong passion.

Dean Osborne also supported students in FASS who wanted to participate in Alternative Spring Break (ASB). ASB is a program that gives students the opportunity to participate in an extraordinary service-learning initiative which connects students to national and international partners, enabling them to engage in meaningful community service and critical reflection.

One student had a life-shaping experience when she travelled with a group of her fellow FASS students as part of ASB to the Maya Quiche community of Aldea el Novillero in Western Guatemala to help repair a school campus. In her own words:

“Aldea el Novillero is, hands down, the greatest place I have ever been. Everything on the trip has made me a better person. The trip was not about what we did for the community of Aldea el Novillero but what they did for us.”

The Benefits

With your help, the John Osborne FASS Student Travel Bursary will enrich the lives of students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences by facilitating educational and perspective-altering travel.