History Administrators’ Anniversary Scholarship

History Administrators’ Anniversary Scholarship

The Rundown

For many years, three dedicated administrators were the mainstay of the Department of History. They made students feel welcome in Paterson Hall, sorted out innumerable problems, and provided invaluable assistance to instructors. The Department decided to honour them in 2013 by establishing an annual award to be given to an outstanding undergraduate honours history student. We set a target of $4,000, and announced that the Department of History would contribute $1,000 once that goal was reached. The plan was then to offer a $1,000 scholarship every year for five years at least, for as long as funds permitted.

Most of the funds were raised on Giving Tuesday 2014, with the University matching half of the funds contributed. With earlier and later contributions, the fund now stands at over $8,000, and two students have been assisted.

An extraordinary opportunity to TRIPLE THE AMOUNT OF YOUR DONATION.

Encouraged by the support demonstrated, the Department intends, with your assistance, to convert this fund to an endowment that will pay out an annual $1,000 award in perpetuity.  To do this, we need to raise $8,800 this year.  The University will match dollar for dollar, individual donations contributed for this Scholarship up to April 30, 2017.  But donations made on Giving Tuesday (November 29, 2016), will receive an additional dollar for dollar match to a maximum of $1,000 per gift until $150,000 in matching funds is reachedSo a $250 donation will become $750In 2014, donations were only enhanced by 50 per cent.  And once $4,000 has been donated, the Department of History will contribute $1,000 (this sum is not subject to University matching).  Please contribute generously to establish this as an award in perpetuity.  Help us to once again exceed our target.

All contributions are charitable donations and will receive an official tax receipt via Canada Post.

The Background

The Department of History has benefitted for many years from the knowledge and experience of these three administrators. Each achieved the milestone of 40 years service at the University. Two have since retired but one continues her valuable work in the Department. They prefer to remain anonymous, but have allowed us to use their photograph, and anyone who has ever ventured on to the 4th floor of Paterson Hall over the last 20 years will know their names. Many students have relied on their advice, and come to know them well.

When we proposed an award as a way of marking their milestone anniversary, our three administrators welcomed the idea. They wanted the award to go to an outstanding student, proceeding from the second to the third year of their Honours BA in History. Students are nominated by their professors. The winner is selected by the departmental prize committee, and selection is based on overall performance, including final grades, essay writing and participation in class, where relevant. Many excellent students struggle to make ends meet. Some are forced to take on paid work that compromises their ability to focus on academic work. This award provides meaningful support as they transition into their third year, a critical moment for attaining grades for admission to graduate programs and professional degrees. The Administrators’ Award differs from entrance scholarships, in that it recognizes student achievement in a university setting and supports outstanding undergraduates selected by a departmental committee. The intent is to identify the most promising young historians, and provide them with financial assistance at a critical moment in their careers.

The Benefits

Your gift will celebrate our administrators’ important work in supporting undergraduate students’ progress and provide much-needed support to talented History undergraduate students, at a critical moment in their undergraduate careers.



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