Help to Provide Storage and Shelter for the Women’s Rugby Team

The rundown

During the last six seasons, the Raven’s Rugby team has gained momentum. The team has made considerable progress both on and off the field. This year was their most successful season on record.
Under Pat Thompson’s second year as head coach (formerly the assistant coach from 2012-2016), the Raven’s squad has undergone significant changes. They hope to continue their progress on an off the field.

“The program has experienced considerable growth over the past two years. We have a very dedicated group that is committed to becoming a top USports rugby team. As we continue to grow, we need the continued support from friends, family and the rugby community. Our needs may seem simple, but they will go a long way in ensuring we are in a position to train and perform at the highest level” Pat Thompson.

Your help and financial support will be greatly appreciated in building a program where the team can continue to develop.


We’re asking that you contribute, and commit to supporting the future of Women’s Varsity Rugby at Carleton University.

Our athletes are young, extremely dedicated, confident, and hardworking. With a young alumnae, we often depend on the generous support of outside donors. Many team members work multiple hours per week, among volunteering, studying, and training. Furthermore, within our local community, we look upon these young women to help create change, and now they are looking upon you to help make that change, and to help them with their future. With your support, we can ensure that they meet their objective, and to perform at their best capacity while representing Carleton University on a national scale.


The goal of our project is to raise funds for an equipment shed and a team tent. The remaining funds will go towards offsetting team costs in the future. Team members will directly benefit from these investments, and if you give on November 28th, your gift will be matched.

The purpose of the fieldside storage container is to provide valuable space for equipment, and will ensure the team is always prepared for practice, meaning that the development of the players will improve.

The purpose of the tent is to protect players, by providing shade on hot days and warmth on rainy and snowy days.

With a successful fundraising campaign, the team will invest the remaining funds to decrease annual team fees.


The team tent will provide shelter for the squad. The season runs from late August to early November, and with varying weather conditions, the team must be prepared for the weather extremes. The purpose of the tent will be to protect our players on game days, providing shade on hot days and warmth on rainy and snowy days. It will make a significant impact on all team members.

With your support, the Carleton Ravens Rugby team will continue to succeed in the future. Your gift will increase team morale, as the athletes will be able to pursue both academic and athletic endeavors. They will be able to continue their journey as young, female varsity athletes at Carleton University.


Allison Kennedy

Go Ravens! Can't wait for some serious sevens action!

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