Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race

The Rundown

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is a competition that provides engineering students from across the country with the ability to design, test, build and race a toboggan with a running surface made entirely out of concrete. The toboggan must also meet safety requirements, utilize working brakes, and a fully functional steering system.

Each team is responsible for producing a technical report and and a technical exhibition and allows students to gain hands on skills in the full engineering design process. During the competition the toboggan is evaluated on the concrete mix design, metal superstructure, braking and steering systems, and environmental impact and sustainability. Both the design and performance of the sled are scored. In addition, the team members are judged on their technical report and presentation, and sportsmanship.

The Background

This competition provides students with the opportunity to participate in an engineering project on a larger scale than any lab offered through classes, as well as fourth year projects. Not only do students learn more about the design process, they also learn how to work in a large team. This provides students with invaluable experience that cannot be gained from any of the classes offered, that will help them in their future careers.

The Rollout

We are aiming to raise $6,000 which will go towards materials for the toboggan and technical exhibition, costumes, registration, travel, and accommodations, since the competition is being held in Winnipeg. The more we raise, the more people can go to the competition and gain valuable experience.

The Benefits

Participants gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in fabrication, the overall design process, project management, structural and mechanical design, material testing, concrete mix design, project budgeting, teamwork and communication skills, and networking. The younger students gain knowledge from the upper year students regarding the production of the toboggan, and the upper year students gain leadership skills.

The Team

Eli Honderich


Donny Jackson


Kris Holland

Metal Sub-Captain

Mina CL

Concrete Sub-Captain

Arlin Otto

Spirit Sub-Captain

Michael Lanning

Spirit Sub-Captain

Erin Hemm

Sponsorship Sub-Captain

Jessica Burden

Sponsorship Sub-Captain

Serena Lam

Tech-Ex Sub-Captain

Chris Sparks

Tech-Ex Sub-Captain

Kathryn Chung

Website Sub-Captain


Miranda Kwok

Marjorie Ng

michel chung

Liana Di Ilio

John Koh

Eli Honderich

Hailey Quiquero

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