The Rundown

Carleton’s Student Philanthropy Council (SPC), a group of Ravens looking to promote a philanthropic campus community and champion the generous endeavours of our alumni, is encouraging graduating students to show their GRADitude this convocation season.

How Can You Show Your GRADitude?
Are you grateful to your supportive parents? A professor who went the extra mile? Or a service like PASS that helped you keep your academics on track? The SPC is asking you to make your first charitable donation in honour of the people who helped you earn your degree. Giving back to the school and to your fellow students is the perfect way to say thank you!

The Background

University is an exciting time as students experience living on their own, getting involved in a fun club and finding their passion through their majors or classes but what happens when a crisis occurs? We know students are resourceful but Carleton wants to support Ravens in their times of need. The Endowed Student Emergency Fund has been set up for purpose of providing money to students in crisis.

What do You Need to Know About the Endowed Student Emergency Fund?

  • The Endowed Student Emergency Fund was founded to give students monetary assistance in times of crisis.
  • Carleton’s Student Affairs office allocates the money based on need – there is no set amount to be given to students.
  • As an endowment, this is a permanent university fund that will always be made available to students.
  • 100% of your donation goes to support this fund – and you will receive an official tax receipt too.
  • As a member of Carleton’s graduating class of 2017, why not make a donation of $20.17 in honour of the people who supported your academic journey?

The Rollout

As students ourselves, we know despite being an amazing time for growth, readings, midterms and juggling jobs with extracurriculars can occasionally make school stressful. When a family or personal emergency strikes, a financial burden is an additional stress that can prevent our Ravens from soaring to their full potential. We are proud to champion this project as our GRADitude campaign because we know this will go on to sustain the next generation of students for years to come. No one deserves to feel alone in a time of need and thanks to the Endowed Student Emergency Fund, no Carleton student has to be. What better way to show your GRADitude to an inspirational professor or your supportive parents than by contributing to a cause that will make sure Carleton students will always have help available.

While we are proud to cast a spotlight on the Endowed Student Emergency Fund, we know there are other projects on the FutureFunder that may have a special connection for you or the individual(s) you hope to honour. Feel free to browse through the many creative and innovative initiatives by our students, faculty and alumni to decide where you would like to send your thank you. Whether you donate to the Student Emergency Fund or you chose another area to support, please be sure to provide the contact information for where the tribute card should be sent under “In Tribute” on the donation page. Please note that tributes (mail or email versions) will be sent to honourees May 30 or June 26 (based on when donation is received and processed). 

With future graduates as part of this year’s Student Philanthropy Council, we are planning to show our GRADitude and we can’t wait to see how you will show yours!


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The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.

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