Fund a Fish

The rundown

Dr. Steven Cooke’s team helps to protect and manage fisheries and aquatic ecosystems in Canada and beyond.   His team of over 30 Carleton students and post-doctoral fellows works tirelessly to generate science needed to ensure that fish populations are healthy.  The Cooke Lab has particular expertise in the use of electronic tags to study fish in the wild.  These fish tracking studies allow the team to identify important habitats and to inform fisheries management activities.



Now, you can be a part of our research by “funding a fish”.

Each electronic tag we use costs approximately $200. 

With your help, we can purchase additional tags for an upcoming project exploring the movement of fish in the Rideau Canal system with a focus on Big Rideau Lake.


Each tag purchased allows us to further our understanding of essential fish habitat and the seasonal movements of fish.  Where do fish overwinter in the system?  Do they move between locks?  What habitats need to be protected or restored to enhance fish populations?  Tracking fish with electronic tags allows us to answer those questions and more.

We hope you will join us on this journey!

For every electronic tag purchased, each donor will receive personalized information on the fish you’ve “funded” and allowed us to study – from where it was tagged, to where it swam, and ultimately, how we used this information to improve management.

Beyond this, your support will also benefit a talented team of Carleton students at the undergraduate and graduate level whose real-world experiences in the field are preparing them to become the next generation of environmental professionals.


Other Comments

Pictured above: Grad student Tanya Prystay surgically implants a telemetry transmitter in a nesting male smallmouth bass on Big Rideau Lake. In the background, a snorkeler cares for the nest until the “dad” returns after the completion of surgery.

To learn more about our work, visit or just ask! Contact us at or 613 867 6711.