From Buckets to Rain Barrels Project

The Rundown

‘From Buckets to Rain Barrels’ is a community-focused initiative that is running for its third consecutive year at Carleton University. This multidisciplinary project involves students across both Engineering Faculty and the Sprott School of Business who will collaborate to develop solutions to address chronic water shortage in the Longido district of Tanzania.

Due to the extremely dry Savannah climate in Longido, access to clean water is a critical issue for the residents in this area.

Our goal is to provide Carleton students with an opportunity to travel to Tanzania and work with the local community – and each other – to develop and implement innovative and economically viable water harvesting technologies that will allow residents to access clean water in an efficient manner.

The funding we raise will go towards student travel and project materials, and will provide Carleton students with hands-on experience working on a complex real-world issue in a collaborative team environment.

The Background

After two successful student trips to Tanzania, our goal for ‘Buckets to Rain Barrels’ this year is to improve upon the design and technologies created by former students, and to bring fresh, new ideas to the forefront.

Last year, our team traveled to Longido, Tanzania to gain a firsthand sense of clean water solutions that were successful, as well as those that have room for improvement. At the heart of these conversations were members of the local community, whose valuable insight will guide our next steps moving forward.

The end goal for ‘Buckets to Rain Barrels’ is for students to present their solution concepts and prototypes to various stakeholders in Longido. Successful projects will be based on factors such as cultural acceptability, affordability, and sustainability.

The Rollout

Our team is working tirelessly throughout the year perfecting our designs and working with our NGO representative who is on the ground in Tanzania. Communication and growth are important. To make this happen, on and off-site meetings will be held as often as possible to involve the community and project.

Once in Tanzania, we will be working on clean drinking water solutions for the village of Longido where the water supply is unreliable, especially during the dry season. Engineering students will be working on the technological and design aspects of creating a clean drinking water source, while business students will work on the financial and sustainability aspects of the project.

The Benefits

All funding will contribute to creating sustainable and feasible projects that we hope will outlast our time in Tanzania and inspire others to play a role in addressing this critical issue.

While the community of Longido will directly benefit from our water sustainability efforts, Carleton students will also benefit from this great opportunity because of the unique experiential experience this project offers. Students will be able to meet community officials, learn about the village and culture of Longido, and present our clean water solutions. This project will allow us to excel not only in the classroom, but to gain experience solving real-world problems and learning about the developing world firsthand.




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