Football Mobile Player Unit

The rundown

Carleton Raven’s Football is always working to improve and refine their skills in preparation of for the 2018 season.  This means the team continues to train all  offseason in the weight room, reviewing film and developing on field skills. There are many pieces of equipment a team can have and a fantastic addition last year was the sled.   This year the team is looking for another piece of equipment to add to their inventory to assist with tackling in a safe and effective manner.   This piece of equipment will allow players to practice tackling, blocking and evading while eliminating player to player contact.


The MVP stands for Mobile Virtual Player, the first ever self-righting mobile training device. Controlled remotely and powered by a motor, it’s an innovative training partner that can move at the speed of your opponent. With its size, which has been specifically engineered to replicate the weight and height of a college or pro player, the MVP can take a hit. By simulating human motion, the MVP allows players to practice tackling, blocking, pursuing, evading and throwing at a mobile target, without the impact and fatigue associated with athlete on athlete training.

The MVP takes player-to-player and helmet-to-helmet contact out of the equation for dynamic practice drills. The MVP mobile training device can be incorporated into existing training drills, and its mobility and evasiveness lets you practice dynamic game situations that were previously unsafe – or even impossible – to practice effectively.


The team needs to raise $10,000 to have the unit shipped and delivered to Carleton University in time for our utilization at our winter camp in February.  The team will also utilize this in the Spring Camp in April and as well throughout their training and camp and practices throughout the season.


This will add a fantastic piece of equipment to the team which can be utilized by the players. This is a complete player safety initiative. It will benefit our team and players in our ability to tackle properly and safely.