Football Medical Transport Unit

Football Medical Transport Unit

The Rundown

We are raising money to purchase a new medical transport cart, which is essential to our quick and efficient treatment of injured players.

The Background

Currently, Ravens Football has an aging (20+ years) golf cart that is used to transport basic, minimal amounts of first aid equipment to and from the field. This cart is too small to transport athletes who have lower body injuries. Our cart is used daily from August through November; it is vital that we have a new, modern medical transport cart.

The Rollout

The cost of our new medical transport cart is $10,000 plus shipping. The unit will have a bench seat in front to carry two people and a flatbed approximately four to six feet long in the back. The flatbed will have padded sides and equipment storage. This is important, because the cart will be used to move injured players from the field to the sideline and from the sideline to the team room. It also means we can use the cart to transport various medical equipment, and some small storage compartments beneath the flatbed with side access would be helpful to lock-up specialized equipment.

The Benefits

Your gift will dramatically support all injured athletes as the medical transport cart is an essential piece of equipment in times of need—safety transporting athletes from the field for treatment. The cart will be able to accommodate medical kits, two therapy beds, oxygen canisters, a shade tent and training bikes, among other pieces of equipment. It will be routinely used to transport medical equipment for each practice and all home games, and our therapists will have all essential equipment available at their fingertips to treat players.


Amanda Hardiman


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