Football 5-Man Lev Sled Fund

Football 5-Man Lev Sled Fund

The Rundown

Since returning to the field four years ago, Ravens Football has committed itself to developing the team and the skills of its players. The addition of a 5-man sled for training will help bring Ravens Football to the next level of competition.

Thermal Systems Mechanical Insulation Services Ltd. will be matching every gift made to this project, dollar-for-dollar, up to a maximum of $3,500 in total.

The Background

Carleton’s is one of the only football teams in Canada without a 5-man sled, which provides realistic resistance for both offensive and defensive drills.

The Rollout

We need $10,000 to cover the purchase and shipping costs of this specialized piece of equipment. Give today, and we will have the 5-man sled on the field for spring training camp in April 2017.

The Benefits

The 5-man sled will provide our team with the opportunity to further develop and perfect run and blocking skills. For example, the offensive line and inside receivers will be able to practice maintaining a low centre of gravity, keeping balanced and using more power to force the opponent off the ball. It will also afford the defensive line and linebackers the opportunity to improve their pass rushing techniques. By offering realistic resistance in a safe setting, the sled teaches all our players proper leverage and power.


Malcolm Bruce

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