Earth Sciences Undergraduate Honours Project Fund

The rundown

TRIPLE YOUR DONATION! Gifts made on Giving Tuesday (November 28, 2017) will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the University, until the goal of $250,000 is met.  In addition, your gift can be triple matched by the Department of Earth Sciences. 

Gifts to this priority will help fourth-year honours students gain advanced research experience in Earth Sciences. This includes field and/or lab work on such topics as: Arctic research; fossils and implications for evolution or paleogeography; resource geology; crystal growth, metamorphism and mountain building; volcanic rocks as geochemical tracers of Earth’s history; Early Earth and planetary geology; basin analysis; sea level changes; climatic and catastrophic volcanic events; natural vs. human contamination near mine sites; earthquake science, natural hazards and geodisasters; environmental studies; imaging and analysis of materials; or contaminant hydrogeology.


Every year we have a cadre of bright Honours students engaged in exciting research projects for their Honours theses. We wish to help support direct costs of research for Earth Sciences Undergraduate Honours Student projects in the field and laboratory.


We raised $30,000 in phase 1 of our project, and have successfully entered the second phase of our campaign via the FutureFunder. Our target is to set up a large foundation. Every year the interest generated would be paid out to support direct costs of research for Honours Student projects in the field and laboratory.


Earth Sciences Honours students will benefit, in perpetuity! Students will have enriched opportunities to carry out cutting-edge research during their capstone 4th year Honours research projects.


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