Dean of Science Summer Research Internships

The rundown

Professors at Carleton lead ground-breaking research studies year-round. Every summer, the Dean of Science offers top first-year science, computer science and mathematics students the opportunity to assist professors with their research through paid summer research internships.


Hands-on research work alongside leading professors is usually the privilege of graduate students. The Carleton students who have been awarded a Dean of Science Research Internship enthusiastically support the rare value of this opportunity:

“A Dean of Science Research Internship was my first real step out of the textbook and into the hands-on world of science. Seeing what I had learned in class come to life before my own eyes has been incredible. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity.” – Emily Brown, BSc Honours, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, First year student

Our most promising first year students have participated in research ranging from how cold-blooded animals survive sub-zero Canadian winters, how free radicals are absorbed in tissues, and how wasps keep lily beetles in check!


Our current goal is to fund two internships at $5000 each over 12 weeks of work this summer.


The obvious benefit of the DSRI program is the progress we make in the lab, furthering Canada’s contribution to a growing body of meaningful work and Carleton’s leadership position in scientific study. On a personal level, this opportunity has an immediate positive impact on the first year students who get to experience first-hand the excitement of scientific discovery.