Dean of Science Summer Research Internships

Dean of Science Summer Research Internships

The Rundown

Professors at Carleton lead ground-breaking research studies year-round. Every summer, the Dean of Science offers top first-year science, computer science and mathematics students the opportunity to assist professors with their research through paid summer research internships.

The Background

Hands-on research work alongside leading professors is usually the privilege of graduate students. The Carleton students who have been awarded a Dean of Science Research Internship enthusiastically support the rare value of this opportunity:

“A Dean of Science Research Internship was my first real step out of the textbook and into the hands-on world of science. Seeing what I had learned in class come to life before my own eyes has been incredible. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity.” – Emily Brown, BSc Honours, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, First year student

Our most promising first year students have participated in research ranging from how cold-blooded animals survive sub-zero Canadian winters, how free radicals are absorbed in tissues, and how wasps keep lily beetles in check!

The Rollout

The Dean of Science Summer Research Internships cost $4620 per student over twelve weeks worth of lab work—a small sum given the long-term benefits of such an experience. The funds help students offset personal expenses over the summer, which means they can focus on the research opportunity they’ve been given.

Last year, we were able to fund 17 student internships. With your support, the Faculty can expand the program and offer more students this incredible opportunity in Summer 2017.

The Benefits

The obvious benefit of the DSRI program is the progress we make in the lab, furthering Canada’s contribution to a growing body of meaningful work and Carleton’s leadership position in scientific study. On a personal level, this opportunity has an immediate positive impact on the first year students who get to experience first-hand the excitement of scientific discovery.


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