Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Experience Fund

Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Experience Fund

The Rundown

Carleton’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is committed to delivering a comprehensive education that engages and inspires students. By providing a variety of opportunities to gain practical experience outside of the classroom and apply theories, students are more engaged in their courses. Moreover, innovative hands on experiences produce strong, well-rounded graduates that are better prepared for the future.

Offering experiential learning is fundamental to creating a dynamic learning environment for students, but it also engages our alumni in supporting and mentoring students.

We are asking alumni and friends of the University to join us and help make practical, hands on learning student experiences possible by giving to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Experience Fund.

The Background

Providing unique opportunities enhances a student’s overall experience at Carleton and better prepares them for the real-world challenges they will face throughout their career.

Participation in design competitions, conferences, symposia and short courses increases student engagement, improves their level of success and contributes to their co-op and career development.
Off campus excursions and interaction with professional engineers in an industry setting brings the material taught in the classroom to life.

Early exposure to the engineering profession provides students with a clearer picture of where their education can take them. Industry mentorship of a fourth-year project also offers students the chance to engage with experienced engineers while working on their capstone design projects.

Whether it is a single event or the overall experience while a Carleton, alumni regularly reflect upon these beyond-the-classroom opportunities when they look back on a successful career.

The Rollout

Alumni and friends can enhance the student experience and make these opportunities possible by giving to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Experience Fund.

Our long term goal to raise more than $1 million in endowed funds. This amount of stable permanent funding will ensure that our students are given the ability to grasp rewarding opportunities throughout their education at Carleton.

The Benefits

Gifts designated toward the Student Experience Fund will support:

• Student competitions across Canada and in the U.S. such as the Concrete Toboggan, Troitsky Bridge Competition, CSCE Capstone Design Competition, and Solar Decathlon.
• Student travel and/or registration to attend conferences, symposia and lectures.
• A mentorship program designed to connect senior students with first-year students, as well as a capstone project mentors program to connect students with experienced professional engineers.
• Field trips to construction sites, treatment plants, heritage sites, etc.
• Specialized summer courses and additional skills training in building information modelling, project management, LEED, etc.
• Model construction, 3D printing, posters, specialized software and more for 4th year capstone design project.
• Special projects related to experiential learning such as the promotion of student activities on and off-campus, as well as student generation of promotional material for recruitment.



Franklin McAllum

Anne-Marie Thompson

Pierre Wilder

I had a great experience in Ottawa during Carleton's Environmental Engineering program, and am happy to see the department continue striving to improve it! - Pierre Wilder

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