The rundown

Tuesday, November 28 is Carleton’s Day for Good! 

Our goal: to make higher education a force for good. Our fundraising goal – for Giving Tuesday alone – is $250,000. Each gift enriches the work of our students, faculty and researchers, and in turn, is an investment in the good they seek to bring to the world.

Every FutureFunder story you’ll read showcases an enormous commitment by our students, faculty and researchers to make the world a better place through innovative research projects, academic initiatives and other higher education priorities. No matter your interest, no matter your passion, there’s someone at Carleton changing the game.

With dozens of worthy projects on the FutureFunder and over 1000+ existing funds to choose from, there is a world of good to accomplish.

We hope you will join us on this exciting day as we make an impact on the world and do good through Carleton this #GivingTuesdayCA!


Every gift counts, and on #GivingTuesdayCA they count for even more.  All gifts made on Tuesday, November 28th through will be matched, dollar-for-dollar.

In celebration of Carleton’s Day for Good, $250,000 in matching dollars are available. Matching funds will be applied on gifts up to $2000, or on the first $2000 of larger gifts.

That’s right! Make a gift of $1000 and you’ll add an extra $1000 in matching funds toward the project of your choice, totalling $2000 in support of a project that inspires you.

With your help, we can unlock $250,000 in matching funds over the course of the day, helping students and researchers get the resources they need to make their work possible – on campus, and around the world.