Carleton University InSpace

The Rundown

Carleton University InSpace is Carleton’s Rocket Engineering team. The goal of the club is to compete in the annual Spaceport America Cup co-hosted by the Experimental Rocket Engineering Competition and Spaceport America.

Each university can create one rocket for each level of competition, the Basic Competition and the Advanced Competition. Each level of competition additionally breaks down into 3 challenges regarding engine design whether it be Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS), Student Researched And Designed (SRAD) hybrid engine or Student Researched And Designed (SRAD) solid engine. The goal of the Basic Competition is to launch a 10 lb payload closest to 10 000 feet above ground level. The goal of the Advanced Competition is to launch a 10 lb payload closest to 30 000 feet above ground level.

The team hopes to represent Carleton University at the upcoming competition this June.

The Background

The purpose of CU InSpace is to further develop the tools needed by students in the aerospace field after graduation. Additionally, the club aids in the development of technical knowledge that students can use in the future upon entering industry. Working in a team environment allows students to collaborate in a friendly environment with fellow students who share similar interests.

In addition to helping students within the Carleton community, the club is reaching out to high schools in Ottawa to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs.

The Rollout

In order to compete in the upcoming competition the team has to build a capable rocket. To achieve this the team has to purchase many components for the rocket. Even if the team is able to buy all of the parts and assemble the rocket it will still be costly to travel to the competition in New Mexico. As a result the team is hoping to raise $5000 to finish building the rocket and subsidize the travel fees associated with going to New Mexico.

The Benefits

Competing in the upcoming Spaceport America Challenge will benefit students involved in the project. Participating in the competition will allow students to apply their in class knowledge to a real world application through the design and testing of the rocket.


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