Campus Community Campaign Endowed Student Emergency Fund

The rundown

Students from across campus turn to the Office of Student Affairs in times of need. In fact, as a member of our campus community, you may have nudged a student in our direction. One of the crucial services we offer is support for students who can’t meet their everyday financial obligations because of an extraordinary circumstance.

The Endowed Student Emergency Fund provides short term financial assistance to students who are unable to meet immediate and essential expenses as a result of a temporary hardship related to a personal emergency situation.


Typically, it doesn’t take much to make next week’s rent or buy this week’s groceries, but it can be a huge relief to a student in crisis and allow them to focus on recovering, remaining on campus where they’re getting support, and continuing their studies. The average one-time request from our students is about $250-300.

In the past, the Student Emergency Fund has helped: 

  • A student defrauded by someone off-campus, surprised by the loss, who needed short-term support to pay bills and purchase groceries.
  • A student who lost control of their spending while wrestling with a developing mental health issue.
  • A student who lost his housing to fire. His housemate had family nearby, an attentive insurance broker, and moved home for the short-term. This student had no local support, no alternative housing options and needed help getting resettled.
  • A few students escape abusive homes and relationships, re-locating to safety and to set up their new home.
  • Students who are getting an education so they can end the homelessness and helplessness they currently live with.

Any student can apply, and financial support is offered as part of a larger, holistic plan to create a positive learning environment. Funding is available for essential expenses like food, gas or a utility bill. It’s not a loan or a bursary and does not cover tuition or make up a monthly short-fall. The arrangement is kept private and confidential. The fund helps students of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and fields of study. There is no ‘typical’ crisis and no ‘typical’ request.

More About the Endowed Student Emergency Fund: 

  • The Endowed Student Emergency Fund was founded to give students monetary assistance in times of crisis.
  • Carleton’s Student Affairs office allocates the money based on need – there is no set amount to be given to students.
  • As an endowment, this is a permanent university fund that will always be made available to students.
  • 100% of your donation goes to support this fund – and you will receive an official tax receipt too.


As part of our campus community you see our students juggling classes, labs, essays, exams, jobs, extracurricular activities and personal development. When a family or personal emergency strikes, financial burdens add a layer of stress that can derail an education.

Your gift to the Endowed Student Emergency Fund offers immediate, valuable, crucial help in a crisis. It’s an important piece of the recovery plan for a student you may know.


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