Blackbird UAV

The rundown

Blackbird UAV is a volunteer group of motivated Carleton University students who develop and operate an Unmanned Aerial System for the purpose of national competition. This year’s Unmanned Systems Canada Student Engineering Competition challenges university teams to complete aerial survey missions and process image data for a simulated law enforcement mission.


The project gives students the opportunity to build teamwork skills in an industry-driven environment which encourages cooperation between members with varying engineering backgrounds in airframe design, modern manufacturing methods, and computer systems integration. Blackbird UAV empowers students who are passionate about autonomous flight and helps establish a framework for a successful career in the Canadian aerospace industry.


Blackbird UAV is able to obtain much of our equipment and material through academic grants and local business partnerships, but additional funding is required to complete the airframe construction and get this project off the ground. Training a new generation of members also requires active participation in flight testing and competition activities – a student experience which is impossible to replicate in the classroom. Travel costs to the competition in Manitoba and to the testing site 1 hour East of Ottawa present a significant budget challenge for this year’s team. We must make a strong effort to include as many committed students as possible to witness the culmination of a motivated and passionate team effort take flight.


Innovative and motivated students thrive in an environment where they are able to work in a supportive team environment to design engineered solutions for some of today’s greatest challenges. Your donation to Blackbird UAV represents an investment in the success of future engineering leaders – this is where engineering passion takes flight!


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