Alumni Association Engineering Chapter – EngFrosh 2017 Sponsorship

Alumni Association Engineering Chapter – EngFrosh 2017 Sponsorship

The Rundown

Every year EngFrosh is the first experience new students in the Faculty of Engineering and Design have with Carleton University. This event helps shape their educational experience, and a huge portion of the alumni association went through this program. Frosh week has evolved over the last 15 years, but at the end of the day it’s a major event that helps bring the Faculty of Engineering and Design together.

Last year, with the help of alumni volunteers and donations, the Carleton University Alumni Association – Engineering Chapter (CUAA-ENG) came together to continue the scavenging tradition at EngFrosh. This year, with the support of even more alumni and community leaders (And anyone else who wants to give back to the week!) we plan to step it up a notch and help make EngFrosh an even more memorable experience. With additional support, there will be even more innovative and challenging materials and more focused challenges and stations. This year’s scavenging boat race will push the frosh to the limit to put something in the water that can get them to the finish line. It may not look like a boat, but all it needs to do is float!

The Background

EngFrosh has been running forever. (There are websites going back all the way to 1998!) However, over the years due to safety, common sense, and a changing world, some events have had to evolve. One of these is boat building. We’ve brought back scavenging for boat building materials in the last few years, but this year we want to raise the bar!

Even though last year the scavenging aspect of boat building came back, it wasn’t quite the same. Due to budget constraints, and a short timeline, we weren’t able to get all the interesting materials we wanted. This year, we want to step it up! Instead of plywood, why not old doors? Instead of two by fours, maybe a bunch of barrels! We want to see what the frosh can do, and with your help we can do it!

The funds will also be used to sponsor an event that’s new to EngFrosh. Starting two years ago, the frosh have been challenged not only to slide through the water, but also soar through the air. The frosh design and build small planes, and fly them from the top of the highest building the EngFrosh volunteers can find. The furthest plane wins! This year, we hope with some slightly different foams and techniques, we can teach the frosh a bit about gravity, a tad about aerodynamics and a lot about fun!

The Rollout

Boat Building:
We want to buy materials that float! We also want to buy materials that look like they will float, but… just won’t! It’ll be a great learning experience to see if the frosh can figure out which is which.

To make it even more fun, you can put your money towards giving the frosh teams a specific material! For every donation to a specific level on the side of the page, we will procure that material and give it to a frosh team!

The Benefits

The First Benefit:
The first benefit is that because we are fundraising, we are helping to reduce the financial burden of the event. EngFrosh has a student registration fee, but it is also supported by the sponsorship they receive. Every little bit helps!

The Second Benefit:
The second benefit is to the University. BBy building support within the community for this event, and drawing friends of Carleton back to support the fundraising for this event, it helps connect Carleton to the Alumni and Ottawa community. Through donations, volunteering, and mentor support, every time an Alumni comes back to Carleton, it enhances the experience for the current students, and helps build the prestige and reputation of the University itself.

The Third Benefit:
Building off that, the third and final benefit is to the students. From the frosh, who get to ask questions about the engineering field to graduated engineers as they compete in the events, to the Facilitators and Head Facilitators, who can meet and network with future employers and co-workers, these events make the experience world class, and turn our orientation week into something no other school can offer.


Julia Dalphy

Happy to give back to a great program, that was always one of the highlights of my undergrad!

Brittany Roberts

Sean Byron

Michael Chaplin

Engfrosh was such a great experience for me throughout my 5 years at Carleton so I'm paying it forward for other students to enjoy it as much as I did.

In tribute to Gangplank: The victorious team in 2004!!!

Michael Rossyan

Andrew Oddy

Matt Molkoski

EngFrosh was one of my defining events for me during my undergraduate degree. It provided the basis for my friends, and even led to post-university employment. Let's keep this institution going!

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