Ravens Rhythm, Carleton’s competitive Cheerleading Club, are the university’s loudest and proudest ambassadors! Since their founding in 2011, they cheer, dance, and volunteer at a variety of Carleton and Ottawa events, and are extremely passionate about sharing their love for Carleton.

Typically rehearsing twice a week during the school year, in addition to monthly practice weekends in the summer, you can usually find Ravens Rhythm at most of Carleton’s home football and basketball games.  The members want to continue to impact the University experience of all their fellow Ravens by continuing to create content and showing their support for our athletes who continuously work to better themselves for the future seasons

Although partially supported by the Department of Athletics, the Ravens Rhythm is primarily a self-funded volunteer team.  This fund will go towards covering the costs of administrative costs, uniforms, costs for studio space, music software, video materials for filming the routines and various other fees that are required for the team to function.  In this year where varsity sports were cancelled, the team’s passion for supporting the Carleton Ravens was forced to shift to a virtual platform.  This means additional costs for software, website upkeep, and web platform costs for hosting virtual practices. This fund will also allow the team to grow and ensure the continuity and success of the team for years to come.