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The Futurefunder is a crowdfunding platform, and fundamentally a new way to invest in post-secondary education. It connects you – friends and supporters of Carleton or higher academic learning – directly with the projects and possibilities that will shape the future. It unites a crowd of  like-minded donors and investors and directs all their gifts – large or small – into bigger opportunities. It gives you a clearer sense of where your support can go and the difference it can make.

Carleton strives to provide the best possible education to all students, and to equip our researchers with the resources they need to make new discoveries. The projects  you see here represent the margin of excellence – the extra investments that can take turn a great Carleton education into an outstanding one, or enable a promising scientific discovery to become a world-changing idea.

Through the Futurefunder, you can direct a gift right to the project or opportunity that is closest to you, or presents the greatest possibilities. Your gift, and those of others who share your interests, go directly to the students, faculty members or researchers who need your help.

FutureFunder.ca FAQ


  1. How is futurefunder.ca different from other micro funding sites?
    • All contributions are charitable donations and will receive an official tax receipt via Canada Post.
    • There are no fees associated with futurefunder.ca – for example, if you give $100, the entire amount will go to fund your chosen project.
    • All gifts will support Carleton University projects and help advance teaching and learning at Canada’s Capital University.
    • All contributions are non-refundable.
  2. What happens if the project is unsuccessful?If the project does not reach its goal and the amount raised is not of use to the project, the funds raised will be rolled up into a general fund in the same area of interest. For example, if a specific Student Aid project doesn’t reach its goal, the gifts will go towards the general Student Aid Fund.
  3. What if the project exceeds its goal?If the project does not have a specific need for the extra funds it raises, the extra amount will be rolled up into a general fund in the same area. For example, extra funds towards the purchase of books or material for the library could be directed to the Collections Fund for MacOdrum Library.
  4. Is my information secure?Yes. We comply with all www.carleton.ca/privacy/policies.
  5. Can I contribute anonymously?Yes. If you prefer that your name not be listed as a donor, please email sarah_clarke@carleton.ca.
  6. Will the amount of my gift be published/displayed?No. We recognize all donors on our online donor listings but do not specify the exact amount of the donation. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, please email sarah_clarke@carleton.ca.
  7. How will I know if the project succeeded?We will be contacting all donors after the project closes to update them on the status.
  8. Can I pay by cheque?Of course. You can send a cheque specifying the project you prefer to support and including your home address for your charitable tax receipt to:510 Robertson Hall
    1125 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa ON K1S 5B6
  9. Can I change my pledge amount?Your gift will be processed immediately and charged to your credit card. If you wish to change your pledge amount, we can refund your gift and complete another transaction.
  10. Who should I contact if I have more questions?Please email sarah_clarke@carleton.ca or call Advancement at 613 520 3636.
  11. What are the benefits of giving to Carleton?Current donors receive the award-winning Carleton Magazine. All donors are listed, unless otherwise requested, on our online donor listings.Donors who give more than $500 will become members of the Tory Society and receive:
    Invitations to social events, offering them the chance to meet other donors, Carleton students, staff and faculty and hear about the impact their support is having on campus.
    Regular updates on the activities and achievements of the university and the challenges Carleton faces.
    Recognition of their gift by having their name appear on our online donor listing.
  12. What if I want to give to a different Carleton priority or make an ongoing pledge or tribute gift?Carleton’s main giving web site accepts multiple payment gifts and contributions to any of Carleton’s more than 900 charitable funds. Simply go to giving.carleton.ca/giving-form for other giving options or call 1-800-461-8972.


  1. What kinds of projects can be submitted?Carleton projects which will advance teaching and learning at the university – including those focused on student aid, student experience, athletics, library or faculty-specific initiatives – and have a specific deadline for funding can be submitted.
  2. What is an appropriate funding level for futurefunder.ca projects?With some exceptions, futurefunder.ca will accept projects with goals between $1,000 and $25,000.
  3. Who can submit a project?Any member of the Carleton community can submit a project for consideration.
  4. How much information do I need to provide?The more the better. Carleton staff will polish your submissions but we will all be more successful if you can submit as many photos, videos, names of project beneficiaries and points in support of the project as possible.
  5. Who decides that a project will be added to futurefunder.ca?The Department of University Advancement will determine which projects will be added to futurefunder.ca, based on the above criteria and expected fundability.
  6. How do I access the donations?Funds will only be deposited in a university account or designation associated with your project. University Advancement will work with you and, where appropriate, a university representative to ensure the funds are available to you.


  1. Once my project is submitted, how can I help it succeed?
    • Share. Tweet, Facebook and blog about your project to your personal social network and get the word out.
    • Give. Make your own personal gift to put your money where your project is.
    • Remember the 30% rule. Good crowdfunding principles recommend that you try to raise at least 30% of your goal before you launch it. Talk to your personal networks – friends and family – before you start and ask them to help your project get off the ground.
    • Update. Keep the project alive with updated photos, videos and testimonials. Send them to us and we’ll post them for you.
    • Steward. Even once the project is funded, keep Carleton and your social network updated on its success so we can ensure those donors will be interested in other futurefunder.ca opportunities.