The Carleton Ravens Women’s Basketball team continues to seek ways to enhance our program. The most effective means for supporters of our program to assist us financially is through a donation to our Women’s Basketball Excellence Fund.

Below are three key areas where funds will go this academic year 2022-2023:

Overall Health/Nutritional support:

  • Training Table- with the increase in the cost of groceries, many of our athletes are struggling to afford to eat healthily on a regular basis. We would like to be able to feed them a good meal after a practice or game once a week.
  • We would like to increase the amount of money the athletes get on the road for meals so that they can eat well and fuel properly before and after games.
  • Provide our athletes with protein powders and recovery drinks on the road and at home to help with overall nutrition and health.
  • Be able to have a nutritionist come and speak to them about overall health-sleep, recovery, and nutrition.

Academic Support: 

  • Be able to provide academic tutors for athletes.

Video editing and coaching resources:

  • Ensure that our athletes are receiving the best coaching and video resources available in Canada. State-of-the-art video editing resources for the staff and players.

Your generous gift to this fund will support the above-mentioned program enhancements and student player assistance. Any school can field a team, but it takes philanthropy to build a championship team.  Thanks to the generosity of parents, fans, and friends, Ravens women’s basketball is firmly entrenched as one of the premier programs in the country.

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