As the Ravens Women’s Varsity Rugby team enters their ninth year on the pitch, there have been significant changes in the world. Due to Covid-19, the team faced a cancelled season. However, this didn’t stop them from finding ways to train within the new regulations. Daily Covid-19 screenings, no-touch drills, and fitness training were among the activities to ensure that everyone stayed safe. The team has not only found creative ways to train safely, but they’ve also dedicated themselves to creating a positive impact in the community.

As the team heads into their winter training, they are committed to climbing the USports ranks and becoming a top rugby team in Canada. Under the new leadership of head coach Dave Luong, (formerly an assistant coach from 2012-2017), the squad continues to work on core and micro skills, and bringing it back to basics to improve individual techniques. Operating with a skeleton staff and a 20% budget, the team needs continued support from friends, family, and the rugby community to invest in equipment that allows for socially distanced training!

The Background

We’re looking for your contribution to help support the future of Women’s Varsity Rugby at Carleton University. Our athletes are  extremely dedicated and determined to improve individual skills. On top of year-round rugby training, team members are full-time students, and most are volunteers in the community, and work part-time. Despite COVID-19 limitations, these young women are change-makers in the community, and would greatly benefit from community support.

The varsity squad has shown an exceptional response to the challenges faced with Covid-19, adapting with creative ways to communicate using digital tools, improve skills with unique drills, and expand their knowledge on important social issues. They’ve been growing, learning, and adapting to the new way of life, bonding more than ever as a family.

With a young alumnae, the team relies on the generous support of donors. With your support, we can ensure that they meet objectives, allowing them to perform at their best while worrying less about finances. 

The Rollout

Funds raised through this campaign will go directly towards COVID-19 friendly equipment, which includes new balls, tackle donuts and hitting pads. If there are extra funds, the team will purchase new jerseys for next season, as the team’s only set are five years old, as well as to build a shoe shelf in the team room to increase storage space. Your support is an investment into not only the Rugby program, but to the student-athletes who help to spread Ravens pride both on and off the field.

The Impact

By supporting our cause, you’re helping to increase team morale for our student-athletes to pursue academic, athletic, and community endeavours as Carleton Ravens.

The team is always striving to make a positive impact in the Ottawa community and beyond. Last year, they volunteered for Rookie Rugby sessions, high school tournaments, the Shoebox Project, initiatives at the Glebe Centre, supported other varsity teams, and participated in breast cancer awareness activities. Although there are Covid-19 restrictions this year, the team will continue their efforts in volunteering for various community initiatives. Their latest project was “Run for Mum”, where for the month of October, players ran more than 1285km around the community in pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. 

Earlier this year, team members took the leadership to form a Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (REDI) task force. Its purpose within the team is to create a safe space to have open conversations about social justice issues, such as racism, intersectionality, privilege, how to be a good accomplice, to provide resources on self-education, and to raise awareness. The group has created a culture shift within the team, and hopes to make a lasting impact within the community.

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