The goal of our project is to raise funds to help reduce the financial strain on individual student-athletes. Ideally, financial limitations would never prevent someone from participating in athletics, forging friendships and improving as a rugby player and individual.

The Background

In our first season as a Competitive Club we’re looking to grow our program and become increasingly competitive as we move forward.

Founded in 2016 as a student club, we’re now entering our first season as a Competitive Club. We are a proud member of both Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada and compete in Scholar’s Rugby against university teams in Ontario and Quebec. We train year round, with league play and 7s tournaments in the fall and winter semesters respectively.

Our team is filled, and run by, dedicated and hardworking Carleton University students who balance their rugby training with work, school and volunteering. As a club, we help to facilitate Ottawa Mixed Ability Rugby, which brings rugby to athletes with developmental disabilities.

As a very new team, our alumni group is small and we rely on the generous support of donors to ensure our players can represent Carleton to the best of their abilities.

The Rollout

The goal of our project is to raise funds that can be used to cover a wide array of costs such as equipment, field time, athletic therapy, travel and other costs associated with fielding a competitive team and improving our program.

The Impact

With your financial support we can continue to grow, both this year and in the future, as we strive to become increasingly competitive and provide an environment for our young men to become well-rounded Carleton students and athletes.

Recent Backers

  • Oluwadamilare Fakolujo

    Amount donated: $25

  • Alex Lourenco

    Amount donated: $20

  • Laura Monk

    Amount donated: $100

  • Seamus Donahue

    Amount donated: $15

  • Hugo BS

    Amount donated: $25

  • Ron Kita

    Amount donated: $50

  • Dawson Kita

    Amount donated: $10

  • Kelly Scarfone

    Amount donated: $10

  • LeeAnn Napiorkowski

    Amount donated: $25

  • Andrew Fawcett

    Amount donated: $200

  • Geoffrey Ives

    Amount donated: $100

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Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.