Homelessness is not just an adult phenomenon. On any given night thousands of young people across Canada will experience homelessness – sleeping on benches, friends’ couches, or in emergency shelters. They are there by circumstance – never by choice. Moving them out of the cycle of homelessness onto the path of opportunity requires young people to have stable arrangements for education, housing, employment and training.

We are asking alumni and friends of the University to invest in current and formerly homelessness young people by donating through the Chicken and Boots bursary. Named after two homeless youth who have passed away, the program will help continue their legacy by supporting young people to pursue and complete a degree program of their choice at Carleton University. Funds raised will go towards enhanced financial, housing, and academic support for a homeless or previously homeless youth.

Goals of the program

  • Assist with education and living costs for students who are homeless or have experienced homelessness as a young person
  • Increase the number of current or formerly homeless youth enrolled in and graduating with a Carleton degree
  • Overcome financial barriers that make it difficult for youth in care to consider and achieve success in higher education

The Background

In a recent Canadian survey on youth homelessness, one of the key recommendations for communities and municipalities is to enable young people experiencing homelessness to re-engage with education, training, and employment. The study also showed that 53.2% of the 1,103 young people surveyed had dropped out of school, but of those young people, 73.9% would like to return to school. Equipping young people with the tools necessary to reattach, engage and be successful in school must be a tool in the tool belts of practitioners.

Youth experiencing homelessness do not lack the motivation to pursue education, but they do need support to re-engage with school, to achieve success, and to move on to higher levels of education and training if they desire.

Research has demonstrated that the key to helping youth move toward the path of opportunity frequently requires appropriate interventions at the “critical moments” in a young person’s life. Providing young people with the resources to pursue and complete a degree program launches on a positive path towards independence and self-sufficiency. This kind of investment makes sound economic and social sense.

We would like to start lowering the barriers and provide opportunities for young people who have experienced homelessness to re-enter the education system, gain confidence in themselves, and ultimately strive for a better future. We can support them in reaching their goals of completing post-secondary education, and potentially, change the world.

The Rollout

When you invest in the Chicken and Boots Bursary you are helping young people to move from a path of potential instability and poverty to a path with opportunities for education, a job, a secure home and independent life.

All of the funds received from donors will go towards supporting a student who has faced hardships in their lives to attend and complete a degree program through Carleton University. Specifically, all funds raised will  help support the recipients’ tuition, housing, and living costs while completing their studies.

The Impact

Youth are our future; the continued strength of our country depends in large part on how we raise the next generation. It is our responsibility to ensure that they receive the supports they need to develop to their full potential.

Obtaining post-secondary education opens doors to employment and life opportunities and helps young people to achieve the future they want and deserve..

This campaign is one step forward in creating much needed opportunities for those members who are least likely to have a chance at post-secondary education, to get involved in academia and be supported whilst doing it. Education can change a life, and that life can change the world. Help us change the world.

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