We wish to encourage numeracy and in particular to encourage students to consider a career in the statistical sciences by providing scholarship support. Statistics is the science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting empirical data. It is a highly interdisciplinary field; research in statistics finds applicability in virtually all fields and research questions in the various fields motivate the development of new statistical methods and theory. In today’s world the importance of encouraging students to learn to work with and understand data has never been greater.  Career opportunities for trained statistical scientists are numerous and demand outstrips supply.  It is important to encourage the training of statistical scientists because sound data-based decision-making and public policies depend on the work of such individuals.  This fund is designed to provide support  and encouragement to students who are pursuing studies in the statistical sciences.

The Background

Many students either do not know about  a career in statistics or have not considered it. In many cases they are intimidated thinking it is all about mathematics.  Today’s statisticians are much more focused on using computers to handle complex computations and to work with massive amounts of data. They turn the data into visualizations that tell a story. They identify trends, build models, and predict outcomes. Statistical scientists are the brains behind the algorithms used by internet search engines, the scientists behind much of genetic database research on new drugs or diseases, the modellers for investment strategies, the storytellers behind understanding complex networks, and the analysts behind much security work.   We need to encourage more students to consider pursuing this career that offers such diverse possibilities.

The Rollout

Funds raised will be used to provide scholarship support to students studying statistical science.

The Impact

Academically we want this fund to support talented students to pursue their studies in the statistical sciences.  Doing so exposes them to excellent career opportunities that can literally lead them in a thousand directions and provide them with skills that are transferable and transportable to anywhere on the globe.  Society benefits when policies and decisions are guided by competent statistical scientists. Even if they do not become a professional statistician, the numeracy skills gained will enhance their ability to absorb and analyze information and to question intelligently the interpretation of that information and that makes for a better world citizen.

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