Our campaign would help support the already established Respect Rx Perseverance Bursary.

This Bursary is awarded annually to one or more students in demonstrated financial need who are enrolled in any full or part-time program at Carleton University.  Eligible recipients will have experienced trauma, mental health distress, or substance misuse yet, despite these struggles have continued to persevere and maintain a satisfactory academic standing in their program. All money raised would be added to the bursary with the goal of it reaching the endowment minimum ($25,000).

The Background

Substance misuse in Canada is a complex health and social issue with devastating consequences. As reports of opioid misuse and overdoses exploded in the early 2000s, the crisis became a leading public health and safety concern. Things only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic when communities across Canada began reporting record numbers of opioid-related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency calls.

In an effort to support students struggling with mental health challenges and substance misuse, the Respect RX Pharmacy Perseverance Bursary hopes that in addition to providing financial support to students in need, will contribute to a broader understanding and awareness of mental health, trauma, and substance misuse within the Carleton community and beyond. The goal is by providing a platform for students to simply talk about their complex mental health and substance misuse struggles and then reward their openness and vulnerability, which will lead to a wider reduction in the stigma surrounding the issues.

The Rollout

All money raised would be added to the bursary with the goal of it reaching the endowment minimum ($25,000). All money would be awarded directly to students and allow more students to qualify for the bursary.

The Impact

This campaign will have a positive impact on the community. coming out of COVID-19 is important that Carleton is known as a welcoming place that accepts students as they are and has many resources available to support them on their journey, irrespective of what they may be struggling with or have overcome in the past. They will then take that experience and apply it to the organizations that they work with after graduation. This has led to more openness and reduced stigmas surrounding complex mental health and stigma in organizations that employ Carleton grads across Canada.

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