Ravens Racing is a team of Carleton University students from all programs and engineering disciplines. Ravens Racing competes in the Formula SAE Racing series against schools from around the world. Each year the students on the team are responsible for designing, building, testing, and competing with a formula-style racecar.

Ravens Racing competes in two major Formula SAE events located in Michigan, USA and Ontario. Hundreds of teams from around the globe show up at these events to take part in the competition. Competitions are scored based on an overall score from both static and dynamic events. In recent years, Ravens Racing has seen some of its best competition results in team history:

  • Formula SAE Michigan 2019: 6th Place Overall out of 108 teams
  • Formula SAE North 2019: 3rd Place Overall out of 22 teams
  • Formula SAE Michigan 2018: 7th Place Overall out of 114 teams
  • Formula North 2018: 3rd Place Overall out of 25 teams
  • Formula North 2017: 4th Place Overall out of 25 Teams

With the results, Ravens Racing is currently considered to be the 2nd best Formula SAE team in Canada.

Ravens Racing also competes in two smaller events, called shootouts, in Pittsburgh and Toronto. Results at these events are based purely on lap times. The results from the past year’s Shootouts are as follow:

  • UTFR Shootout 2019: 1st Place Overall out of 18 teams
  • UTFR Shootout 2018: 3rd Place out of 24 Teams
  • UTFR Shootout 2017: 3rd Place out of 18 Teams
  • Pittsburgh Shootout 2018: 2nd Place out of 19 Teams

The Background

FSAE is one of the largest collegiate engineering design competitions in the world. Since 1981 it has been challenging students to reach far beyond textbook learning and apply technical knowledge to a range of real-world fronts.

Ravens Racing has been part of the series for nearly 2 decades, and our original research and development touches all engineering disciplines, including: materials research, ergonomics, aerodynamics, industrial design, computer modelling, as well as design simulation. Students also learn skills in non-technical areas such as business, sales, accounting and project management.

Ravens Racing maintains a core strategy to design and build a race car that is lighter, more efficient, and gets around the racetrack faster than our competition. The team takes a minimalistic approach to component design consisting of simplicity, optimization, and the use of lightweight materials. This has allowed us to experience great success in competition with a more focused approach to race car design, allowing the team to be more effective and for the car to perform at its best.

The Rollout

Ravens Racing is competing at a higher level than ever before. We are confident in achieving even better results this season, and are ready to take on the challenge of designing and building a new vehicle. With your support, Ravens Racing will be able to reach its full potential.

This year we are aiming to raise $23,000 dollars.

Donations will be distributed accordingly:

  • Material and Components: 45%
  • Competition costs (travel, lodging, etc.): 17%
  • Testing: 10%
  • Manufacturing: 25%
  • Project Management: 3%

Donations to Ravens Racing will benefit the team in several different areas. The bulk of donations will go towards material and component cost. This will allow the team to use modern, high quality, lightweight materials and components which will drive and optimize component design resulting in a car that is lighter, stronger, and faster around the track. Furthermore, donations will be used to allow the team to have more time and more impactful testing of the car prior to competition through the purchase of additional tires and sensors. This will result in a car that the team is more in tune with, has fewer flaws, and is in top running condition prior to competition.

The Impact

Donations received by Ravens Racing have a significant impact across the entire team. Donations allow the team to make use of higher quality parts and materials. Donations will help reduce the financial limitations that the team experiences and will allow the team to continue to improve, and to remain competitive on the global stage.

Ravens Racing is made of over 75 dedicated students who benefit from the project by learning skills that aren’t taught in the classroom. The money will allow the team to maximize the opportunities for members to practice their design and manufacturing skills.

Members come from a broad range of programs and strive towards many types of careers in a wide array of industries. Extra enables us to take on new projects that reach into new-to-us areas of expertise and bridge the gap between different disciplines. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our car while learning something new.

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