Ravens Racing is Carleton University’s Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Team. FSAE is an international student engineering competition to design and build a performing racecar. Every year a new car is manufactured, built, tested, and brought to international competitions against hundreds of other teams. Ravens Racing is comprised of 4th year engineering students as part of their capstone project, and a volunteer team consisting of students interested in racecars. FSAE enables these students to engage in a project which pushes their creative thinking, and hones problem-solving skills, all while developing valuable relationships.

The Background

Ravens Racing is set to compete in the FSAE 2023 competition, and we aim to maintain our status as a top-performing team. After our 2022 competition was unfortunately cut short due to a crash, we spent the summer improving our design and aiming to reach new performance heights. Having finished in the top 10 in both 2018 and 2019, we truly believe we can return to that level in this year’s competition.

The Rollout

Ravens Racing plans to use the funds to purchase materials and equipment needed to build the best possible racecar. The success of our team in previous years has been due to generous donations, which have allowed us to purchase the best possible equipment to develop a reliable and lightweight racecar. These contributions have also covered the expenses of operating a racecar, such as tires, fuel, and competition costs.

The Impact

Funding Ravens Racing has had a significant impact on the entire team since it enables the group to purchase high-quality parts while providing research and design opportunities. The team typically consists of over 50 active students each year and many alumni who still provide their expertise, even after graduating from Carleton University. FSAE provides a unique experience, where our team members develop their technical, practical, and interpersonal knowledge.

Other Comments

Visit our website at ravensracing.com

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