PMR is a capstone project within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The team consists of nine undergraduate students from various background and the project manager is Dr. Reza Kholghy. Our goal is to design and construct a novel 20kW blow-down reactor that measures the energy released when iron particles are combusted with air or steam within a preheated chamber.

The Background

As global demand for energy increases and climate change accelerates, there is a need for a sustainable alternative to hydrocarbon fuels. A project such as this one are an emerging technology aiming to meet that need. Metal powder reactors produce low emission heat that can be used for power generation and hydrogen that can utilized in other clean energy systems.

The Rollout

The funds donated will be used to purchase equipment and supplies to allow for the successful completion of this year’s goal. These funds will be directed towards to purchase of the major components of the reactor and its auxiliary systems.

The Impact

PMR is the capstone project that allows for the students participating in the project learn about the design process of a large scale project by doing and experience the key parts of project management. Beyond that, metal powder reactors are part of the solution to the rising global demand for clean energy sources and PMR will further the development of this novel technology.

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