The Ravens Women’s hockey program made significant strides last season and looks to continue to develop the program in a positive direction. As the 2023/2024 season commences the team and coaching staff looks to continue to make positive steps to help cater the athlete and student experience in a way that will help the team grow.  This campaign is designed to support all team members’ nutritional needs, ensuring they are well-fueled during competitions, between games, and at team events whenever required.

Head coach, Stacey Colarossi, and her team are passionate about empowering Carleton Athletes with the best resources. One of the fundamental aspects of performance is proper nutrition. Your generous contributions will directly impact these student-athletes by providing essential nutritional resources, ensuring they have the energy and strength needed to excel on the ice and represent Carleton positively. By supporting this campaign, you are investing in their athletic wellbeing but also their overall well being. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these dedicated womens, helping them achieve goals and inspiring them to reach new heights.

Join us in this crucial mission, and together, let’s fuel success beyond the ice.

The Background

These funds will address critical needs within the Carleton Womens Hockey team: ensuring that every player has access to essential nutritional resources. Your contributions will directly support our mission to combat food insecurity among these dedicated athletes. With the rising costs of living and many students facing financial challenges, some players find it difficult to afford proper nourishment. The demanding schedules and physical rigor of sports requires an immense amount of energy, and it is crucial for these athletes to have the nutrition necessary to perform at their peak. By contributing to this fundraising, we aim to bridge the gap, ensuring no player goes hungry and every team member has the support they need to excel on and off the ice. 

Join us in this vital initiative to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these athletes, enabling them to focus on hockey and school without the burden of hunger and financial stress. 

The Rollout

The funds raised will be instrumental in addressing the nutritional needs of the Carleton Women’s Hockey Team, ensuring they have the energy and sustenance required for peak performance. A significant portion of the funds will be allocated to providing meals during the team’s extensive travel for away games. Many weekends are spent on the road, often involving full days of travel to reach games located two or more hours away. These journeys demand nourishment for the players to maintain their strength and focus.

Additionally, the funds will be used to offer meal supplements to players on the road, ensuring that every team member has access to essential nutrition. Furthermore, the support will enable us to provide financial assistance to players who are responsible for purchasing their own food during long trips to games, alleviating the financial burden they might face. This comprehensive approach ensures that the team is well-fed and ready to face challenges on the ice, making a significant difference in their overall well-being and athletic performance. Your contributions will directly translate into fueling the success and vitality of our athletes during their demanding season.

The Impact

There are countless positive impacts of sports and university sports. Boosted morale, community building, inspiration for the younger generation, positive mental health, and so many more. However, none of this matters if these student athletes are worried every day about their next meal and if they can afford to eat properly.

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