Carleton Music students are diverse. Whether they are a jazz bassist, a singer songwriter, a classical pianist, or a Celtic fiddler, we want all our students to understand that music is an endless rainbow of sounds and styles. With this scholarship, we also want to celebrate and encourage the rich diversity of people in our program and recognize the historical inequities that have limited access to music education for some students. The Music Scholarship for Indigenous, Black and Racialized Students provides welcome financial support and so much more. It celebrates the contributions of Indigenous, Black or otherwise racialized students who are making a difference to their communities through their passion for music. And it offers tangible encouragement for pursuing dreams.



The Background

Music studies should reflect the diversity of our society. Carleton Music has long worked to teach and learn about music from around the world, and to critically examine music’s social and cultural significance. We also know that postsecondary music studies remain rooted in eurocentric values that too often go unmarked, and we are complicit in this bias. Along with other forms of structural racism in our society, this bias works to create additional barriers for students from Black, Indigenous and other racialized minorities. As part of our commitment to decoloniality and anti-racism, we seek to encourage, recognize and honour the significant contributions to music by our racialized students and to better support such students in their postsecondary music studies.

The Rollout

The Music Scholarship for Indigenous, Black and Racialized Students will be awarded annually to a student who is entering or continuing in the undergraduate Music program.  Our dream is to build an endowment that will allow us to support multiple students over several years in the program.  The idea and annual start-up funding for the scholarship came from Carleton Music faculty and students who are committed to working for a more equitable, inclusive, and just approach to music education. Your gift will help to create an endowment that will ensure that The Music Scholarship for Indigenous, Black and Racialized Students will support generations of future music students.

The Impact

A professional life in music should be possible for any student who has the passion and dedication to travel that challenging path. By supporting, encouraging, and celebrating the diversity of people who study music, you are sending a message of hope: we are only as strong as we are diverse.



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