Pictured above are the 2020-2021 recipients of the MPNL Award for Black Emerging Fundraising Professionals: Therry Chevalier (top right), Sherlyn Assam (bottom right), Walter Bright Itoe (bottom left), Holly Mohr (top left).

For the second consecutive year, members of the Black Canadian Fundraisers’ Collective, including MPNL graduate Muthoni Kariuki, will be leading this campaign in support of the MPNL Award for Black Emerging Fundraising Professionals. Established in 2020 through the generous support of the community and the Black Canadian Fundraisers’ Collective, this award helps amplify the voices of emerging Black professionals as they pursue a career in fundraising. Thanks to the support of our donors, a total of four awards were provided to students in the 2021-2022 academic year. Through your generosity, we can continue to elevate the funding available to Black student(s) in the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program for years to come.

The Background

The Black Canadian Fundraisers’ Collective is a group of Black sisters and brothers dedicated to the advancement of Black emerging professionals. They inspire and elevate the fundraising sector as the leading advocate and thought collective for Black Canadian philanthropy. This award will continue to directly impact greater racial equity in our community.

Carleton is home to Canada’s only Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Program (MPNL), which is an intensive professional undertaking for individuals wishing to work in civil society to make a positive difference. Our entire society–locally and globally–is made stronger, more creative and resilient when education is accessible to all.

Canada’s more than 170,000 charities and nonprofits, as well as the donors and volunteers who support them, provide health care and housing, advocate for social change, enrich our lives through arts and sports, and protect our environment, all while serving some of our most vulnerable populations. Diversity of lived experiences contributes to not only providing diverse perspectives within the nonprofit sector, but also contributes to the common good of our society.

The Rollout

Thanks to the continued generosity of the Black Canadian Fundraisers’ Collective, they have committed to supporting this initiative once again on Giving Tuesday. They encourage our community to join them in making graduate education possible for those whom would otherwise not have the opportunity.  By supporting this campaign, you are increasing the financial support available to students, while contributing to a more equitable and just world.

Each year, this bursary helps ease the path for a Black student or students entering or continuing in the MPNL program who wish to pursue a career as a professional fundraiser in the nonprofit sector.

The Impact

Student awards make education possible by minimizing the barriers to accessing higher education. Your generosity is reflective of our collective commitment to provide equal access to education and educational opportunities.

Here is a glimpse at the impact of the MPNL Award for Black Emerging Fundraising Professionals since its inception in 2020:

“I cannot explain in a few sentences the extent of impact and difference this grant has made for me personally and academically. As a first-generation immigrant I knew I had to work hard to survive and afford grad school expenses. It is thanks to your support and generosity that I can focus more on my education so I can one day be in position to give back to the community like the Black Canadian Fundraiser’s Collective has done for me.”

-Walter Itoe

“I am very honoured and grateful to be one of the first recipients of the MPNL Black Leadership Award. 

I chose to undertake advanced studies, and the MPNL in particular, to augment my professional experience with education. Before I began, I was excited by the opportunity to expand my professional network, and was drawn to this program in particular because of the diversity, in experience, race and age of the other students. What I could not have imagined, was that there would be a scholarship opportunity, which not only connected me to some of the sharpest minds in the sector, but also to a support system like none other I have experienced professionally.

Receiving this award has helped me come to understand there is a network of strong, Black leaders behind and around me, and in a space with so few diverse practitioners, this is incredibly empowering. 

This scholarship is truly invaluable to young change-makers coming up in the sector, financially of course, but also emotionally and culturally.  I am so very grateful to have received this award. Thank you.”

-Holly Mohr

“This award has been a constant reminder of my responsibilities to amplify the voices of the communities that I represent. This award is also a source of strength as it embodies the strong and dedicated network of Black fundraising professionals and changemakers who believe in my abilities and potential. I am forever grateful for the supporters who are helping to make this award possible. Through their gifts, they are investing in the future of fundraising; inclusive, effective, and genuinely impactful.”

Therry Chevalier

“The financial support this award gave me was an extra boost that allowed me to dive into my semester with a sense of security and excitement. The BCFC arranging the award showed me there is a philanthropic family to graduate into and learn from. The generous donors reminded me that this work is worthwhile, and I am worth investing in. To everyone involved, thank you so much – from the bottom of my heart.”

-Sherlyn Assam

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