The Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Student Society – Carleton University (MSGSS) is a student-run organization aimed to improve student life for those registered in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. We provide a space for graduate students to practice presentations at our colloquiums, relax and network. We also work closely with the undergraduate society which provides many other opportunities.

The Background

The Math & Stats Grad lounge is an integral part of student life for graduate and undergraduate maths students at Carleton. For years, the lounge has been the central hub for students, providing an environment for fellow math/stats majors to meet, network, collaborate on projects and, when the students have a spare moment, relax. Not only this, but the lounge acted as the main HQ for the MSGSS and our undergraduate counterpart, acting as a meeting place and fundraising hub for various activities.  Due to Carleton’s sudden closure of campus in early 2020, this space, important to many, was neglected and consequently closed its doors to students. The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise funds to restore and update this space and make it safe and accessible to all of Carleton’s mathematics and statistics students.

The Rollout

With every generous donation, we will be one step closer to completing our goal of reopening the math lounge. Using these funds, we will be undertaking several small projects that will allow us to get the lounge up and running again. These projects include performing electrical work, purchasing new appliances, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and replacing some run-down furniture. By doing this, the grad lounge will once again be fit to use, and we will be able to open its doors once again.

The Impact

With your support, we will be able to re-open the doors to the Math & Stats Grad lounge for both graduate and undergraduate math students. As it has in the past, this space will provide Carleton students a rich environment in which they can network and mentor younger students, creating meaningful connections with fellow peers. Additionally, the re-opening of our math lounge will provide a much-needed space for the societies to meet and organize events and future fundraisers all to help send students to conferences and other opportunities that may be out of reach for some. In short, the society room provides Carleton’s students with an enriching and meaningful student experience.

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