On November 9th, 2019, the Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre will open its doors to renowned Italian satirist, Mario Pirovano. Presented by the Drama Studies program in the Department of English, we are welcoming our local community to join us as Mario performs Dario Fo’s masterpiece, ‘Francis, the Holy Jester’.

Among community members, the audience will be filled with keen Drama Studies students who will have the opportunity to engage as scholars within the practice of theatre. Making such experiential learning opportunities available to students will provide them with access to successful artists for conversation and instruction.

The Background

Providing opportunities to learn from practitioners such as Mario Pirovano allows students to develop and hone their critical eye. There are few trained theatre critics in the industry, particularly in Canada, and this lack is being felt in professional theatre. This situation is well recognized by theatre artists, and conversations continue about how to address this gap in the field.

The Rollout

Support towards this initiative will allow us to expand our performance offerings, so that we can continue to spread the art of theatre to our vibrant community members and students alike.

The Impact

All students enrolled in any Drama Studies courses will benefit from having exposure to theatre artists, by providing hands-on opportunities to learn and hear from those in the field. The impact is felt beyond our campus, as community members will be encouraged to join us for an evening of acting and storytelling as we celebrate the work of Dario Fo. The Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre is an incredible venue that extends our footprint into the community, and we would like to offer more opportunities to celebrate talent like Mario Pirovano for years to come.

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