As they complete their eighth season as a varsity program, the Ravens continue to strive for greatness. With an overwhelmingly positive response to their Future Funder project in 2018, they hope to meet and exceed their goal once again, and to have their most successful season on record.

Under the leadership of head coach Pat Thompson for the fourth year (formerly the assistant coach from 2012-2016), the squad has undergone significant changes.

“Despite still being a relatively new program, there is a strong history of women’s rugby at Carleton U. From the early days as a club rugby team to the transition to varsity status in 2012, we are very thankful to everyone who helped to create a foundation for the program to develop. We have a very dedicated group that is committed to becoming a top USports rugby team. As we continue to grow, we need the continued support from friends, family and the rugby community. Our needs may seem simple, but they will go a long way in ensuring we are in a position to train and perform at the highest level”.- Pat Thompson.

Your help and financial support will be greatly appreciated in building a program where the team can continue to develop.

The Background

We’re looking for your contribution to help support the future of Women’s Varsity Rugby at Carleton University.

Our athletes are young, extremely dedicated, confident, and hardworking. On top of year-round rugby training, the majority of the squad volunteers, have part-time jobs and full-time school. These young women are change-makers in the community, and would not be able to do it without your help.

With a young alumnae, the team relies on the generous support of donors. With your support, we can ensure that they meet their objective, and to perform at their best capacity while representing Carleton University on a national scale.

The Rollout

Funds raised through this campaign will go directly towards funding the program to ensure that all students may be a part of the team, regardless of financial barriers. Your support helps to offset costs associated with being a part of the team, including fees and nutrition. Your support is an investment into not only the Rugby program, but to the student-athletes who help to spread Ravens pride both on and off the field.

The Impact

By supporting Carleton student-athletes, you are helping to make sports accessible to our students regardless of financial barriers. With your support, the Carleton Ravens Rugby team will continue to succeed in the future. Your gift will increase team morale, as the athletes will be able to pursue both academic and athletic endeavors. They will be able to continue their journey as young, female varsity athletes at Carleton University.

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Recent Backers

  • Patrick Thompson

    Amount donated: $500

  • Anastasia Bourka

    Amount donated: $20

  • Melanie Kingston

    Amount donated: $20

  • Eryn Bonney-Brookman

    Amount donated: $50

  • Alexandre Bourka

    Amount donated: $50

  • Kayla Stafford

    Amount donated: $20

  • Irina Buracovscaia

    Amount donated: $50

  • Parisa Rostami

    Amount donated: $66

  • Emma Bonney-Brookman

    Amount donated: $4

  • Amy Mason

    Amount donated: $100

  • Maya Addai

    Amount donated: $35

  • Emma Thuot

    Amount donated: $50

  • Linda Sketchley

    Amount donated: $500

  • Bailey Dean

    Amount donated: $30

  • Melanie Judges

    Amount donated: $2850

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