JDC Central is a three day event that showcases academics, e-sports, social spirit, and charity. Delegates compete in academic case competitions, parliamentary style debates, e-sports tournaments and social competitions. The event allows students to showcase all aspects of university life from school spirit and dedication, to academic skills and teamwork. The team that performs the best overall takes home the prestigious “School of the Year” title.

JDC Central is Canada’s fastest growing business student competition. In 2017, there were 600 competitors from 12 major business schools, making JDC Central one of the largest competitions around. JDCC boasts the most talented and well rounded students from across Central & Atlantic Canada. This year, JDC Central will be hosted virtually from January 21st to 23rd. 


The Background

The cause we’re looking to address would be a combination of professional development, charitable initiatives, and community involvement.

For professional development, we are equipping a group of 40 students with the ability to work as a team, positively represent Carleton University, and also network with industry professionals as well as other business students across Central and Eastern Canada.

As for charitable initiatives, JDCC Sprott works hand-in-hand with Toques From The Heart, a charitable organization that believes no one should have to endure the cold Canadian winters without a toque. For every toque that is purchased they give a toque to a Canadian experiencing homelessness. 

Finally, touching on community involvement JDCC Sprott works with a variety of Ottawa-based organizations such as Junior Achievement to help run public school workshops, as a part of our club.

The Rollout

Our fundraising goal is $5,000. We will need this money to assist in running our club which includes funding for materials for our academic, debate and social teams, as well as equipment rentals. We would also use the funds to run charity events, and donate back into the community.

The Impact

The people who will get the largest impact are the 40 students that are on the delegation. With the resources that we provide to them, we are confident they will refine presentation and persuasion skills, improve their technical knowledge in the topic / category they are competing in, as well as develop important soft skills, all of which are important to develop for soon to be graduates.

Others that will be benefitted are the community, as we mandate each of our delegates to commit to at least 20 charity hours. The greater Sprott and Carleton community will benefit as the name and team will build strong goodwill among the community therefore, other students and graduates could be presented with better opportunities.

With a general lack of resources from not having a team eligible to compete last year, assistance with funding would enable us to give more to our delegates, and push us over the edge to be much stronger at the competition and give us a better chance at winning the “School of the Year” title, as well as developing students to be prepared for the world outside of university.

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