Initially launched in 2016 the Intelligent Telepresence Assistive Device (iTAD) capstone projects brings together fourth year students to create a device that assists those with disabilities and assist with everyday tasks.

Intelligent Telepresence Assistive Device (iTAD) is a robotic device designed also to assist health care professionals in a hospital setting revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The robotic device is designed perform tasks such as administering medication and meal delivery alleviating the stress our doctors and nurses face each day.

The intelligent Telepresence Assistive Device also has the potential to bridge a gap between healthcare specialist interaction and patient care. The iTAD device facilitates interactions between patients and medical professionals in a remote setting. During the COVID-19 pandemic remote interactions have become more prevalent and iTAD could help to mitigate some of the risks experienced by both healthcare workers, patients and their loved ones when interaction is necessary. ITAD can help doctors and patients from travelling far distances by being able to perform medical procedures remotely from anywhere regardless of proximity. With iTAD distance and social distancing are no longer barriers faced by patients and healthcare professionals.

The Background

Fourth year students within the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department will collaborate to improve and innovate the designs from previous years Capstone project to add features and to create a more efficient designs. The Intelligent Telepresence Assistive Device is especially important since the COVID-19 pandemic to limit contact and the potential risk of transmission of viruses.

iTAD will help both patients and healthcare workers to improve patient care in both a hospital and long- term care setting. With this innovative technology fourth year students will be gain hands-on experience that will help others. This year one of the goals of the iTAD device is to complete testing in a real-world situation to see how the device performs.


The Rollout

This year’s scope of the Capstone project is to create a contactless experience in hospitals for patients with the additional of a tray compartment, integrated app for a more user-friendly interface and to improve the overall efficiency of the device. The funds raise will help to purchase parts needed for the iTAD device.


The Impact

If implemented in a hospital or long-term care setting the iTAD device has the potential to improve the quality of life for many patients. The arm and tray units allow for the device to transport medications, meals and equipment to patient’s rooms creating a contactless experience.

iTAD device has the capability to create a new and contactless experience for patient care while still having personal interaction with the integrated display screen. Within the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department the iTAD project brings together fourth year students from different programs to apply engineering concepts for the greater good and to create a change within our world.



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