Youth contribution is crucial to the common good we forge in our rich Canadian democracy. By working together, we make incremental progress to achieve great goals, shared by all citizens.

At the age of 19, as a role model, Ike Awgu brought idealism, vigor, and common sense to the Ottawa municipal electorate in 2002. In doing so, he garnished more than 5000 votes, including a great many who had not voted before. Ike went on to make an impact through his weekly editorial work at the Ottawa Sun Newspaper and regular contributions to The Globe and mail and Huffington Post. Debating and political discussion were his passions, and he was offered hosting roles on political news shows “The Agenda”, “X-Factor” and “On the Mic”. Ike began his law practice in 2008 with a focus on Real Estate and Business Law and was successful in representing landlords as far as the Superior Court of Canada. Ike published his first book under the pen name Jonathan Sargent titled “Landlord Starter Guide: How to survive as a landlord in the age of COVID 19”. During his very short but full life, he remained firm in his belief in the need for more youth involvement in politics.

The Background

At 39 years of age, with his passing, the prominence of youth voices will be reawakened and supported in two major ways: To seek out and sponsor youth participation that promotes good outcomes for the public; and to establish the annual Ike Awgu Memorial Scholarship at Carleton University.

The Rollout

Valued at $1000 the Ike Awgu Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student in the School of Journalism and Communications who has demonstrated a strong interest in youth participation in Canadian politics.

The Impact

Those who remember Ike well may feel right at home as we celebrate Ike Awgu’s life through his favorite ways of engaging and making a difference.

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